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A new do and the Patch

Did my hair this weekend. The rain ceased and so did the pony tail…temporarily any way.

I also mastered the best position to stand in when taking a full body self portrait. Side view with one leg bent is the most flattering hands down. Try it. Then try taking a picture straight on. WORLD of difference. I think from now on I’ll just enter rooms sideways. :)

My hair actually doesn’t look that much different but I did cut a lot off and it FEELS different.

Plus it’s easier to straighten at this length to mix things up.

And much easier to wear in a pony tail. It was getting so long before I cut it that pony tails were giving me headaches from all the weight of my hair. Pony tails are an essential part of my life these days so all in all – I’m liking the new do. Kole doesn’t care for it though. He misses having so much hair to grab in his tiny little fists. I won’t miss his fists pulling my hair. And I won’t miss taking pictures of my hair. Self portraits are way harder than they look!

Aside from doing my hair this weekend we also took the kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch.

We’ve gone to this Patch for several years now so it has become an October tradition. It’s more like a mini carnival with a few pumpkins thrown in than an actual Pumpkin Patch, but seriously, my girls look forward to it all year. So while Kenny and the girls did their usual routine at the patch,

I propped up my littlest pumpkin and snapped a few photos —

and my favorite of the not so great shots –

What’s wrong buddy? Straw not tasting as good as expected? :)
xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “A new do and the Patch

  1. That last picture of Kole is a total Addison face if I’ve ever seen one. Drew is getting bigger but he still looks like a shrimp compared to Kole! Thanks for posting pics of the kids!!!

  2. His face and eyes just look like they are bursting with happiness. Seriously, I think a couple of those picks could win the cutest baby in the world contest. (If there is such a thing.)
    LOVE the hair, of course…and the nice tip on the side view stance.

  3. Ok, seriously, did you really just have a baby a few months ago or did someone just give Kole to you? Because you look great. Sideways or not, really. Love the entering the room sideways idea. I’m gonna try it. :)

    Cute do. I’ve been wanting a change too. Mine has gotten so long I am not used to sitting on it when I lean back and it is getting in my way!

    HOW did you get all three of your kids smiling in the Pumpkin patch pic? It is SO cute!

  4. Now that’s better. Your views will be so much happier with those more detailed pics of your cute hair.

    I’m with ya on the side pose thing too. You look great!

    Fun sitting by you yesterday. :) I’ll bring more Werther’s next week.

  5. Let me know when it works for you and I can come over to get pics of the back of your hair. I think it does look different when you straighten it. Cute! Kole pics are to die for. Girls may get a bit jealous, however. Maybe Dad needs to carry a camera too:)

  6. Love your hair, and the cute pictures of your kids. AND, I don’t think a side view pict of myself would do ME any justice! My rolls would show no-matter what! You look darling though!

  7. erin, you look great! as for the hair…lets be honest, it always looks good. those pictures of Kole are TOO CUTE…definitely Christmas card worthy (too bad i’m pretty sure yours is already done). ;)

  8. oh Erin, now you’ve done it girl! Your little man is sooo adorable! Love the pics of him. And of course you and the girls are always adorable. Thanks for sharing! xoxo,

  9. That baby is too cute! I would kill for hair like yours..mine is stick straight and fine..and I agree..walking in sideways would make me look sooo much better!

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