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A little of this and that

Hi everyone! Can I just say thank you to anyone who has ever commented on this blog and left me a sweet little hello. Your kind words always make my day! Really they do. I got several questions and e-mails after my first kitchen organization post so I’ll take a quick minute to answer some of those. First of all…yes! I actually do have kitchen stuff in my kitchen. :)

{utensils} I always keep knives clear in the back so that little hands don’t find them.

{cooking tools} See that rolling pin in the very back? When my parents came to my house for Thanksgiving a few years ago my mom was getting the meal ready and needed a rolling pin. I of course didn’t own one. She was shocked. No rolling pin in sight along with my overall lacking of other necessary cooking tools sent her into quite a tail spin. She went on and on about how she had raised me better and how it was a good thing my grandma couldn’t see this. We stopped mid meal and ran to the store where she bought me everything chef like we could find. And there it sits. Rolling pin and all. Until she comes for Thanksgiving once again. :)

{Tupperware} I’m quite obsessed with glad Tupperware containers. I use them for leftovers and the girls’ lunches. This drawer is usually stuffed, but half of my containers are in my fridge and dishwasher at the moment.

{kitchen wash rags and towels}
See! Kitchen stuff!

A run down of how I organize my kitchen –

I don’t think I have more cupboard/drawer space then most. The thing is – I don’t keep anything I’m not using (other than my mom’s rolling pin) so I have room for the girls’ homework and crafts and other things.

Other questions…. yes, I am totally planning on sharing my paper system. I have several other “house stations” to share. I just need to take pictures of everything. I’ve been waiting to take a lot of pictures because these rainy, dark, cloudy days we’ve been having aren’t helping in the lighting department. I need my sunshine! Organizers in all of my drawers are from Target. You can buy them in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they are really cheap (like 4-7 bucks each). They have rubber on the bottom of them and really don’t slide much. I’ve had them for years.

I can’t believe how much rain we’ve had lately! My pumpkin lights in the front are drenched and my little back yard looks like it’s going to wash away! There have been so many car accidents. Nobody here knows how to act when the weather isn’t 70 degrees and sunny (like now when the weather is 68 degrees and rainy). We’re all so spoiled! I can’t imagine what would happen if we ever got an inch of snow. Total disaster.

So guess what was at my grocery store today? Pomegranates! (I had to buy one) And you know what that means. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And you know what that means. CHRISTMAS is right around the corner! I am so excited for December! I feel bad this year but I’m kind of over Halloween already. I just want to put up my Christmas decor and lights and sit in front of my fireplace and Christmas tree and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the millionth time. I put my decor up after Thanksgiving last year (I have a lot to be grateful for and didn’t want to rush past that important holiday) but before I knew it Christmas was over and it was time to take it all down. I’m thinking this year I’m going to put things up a lot earlier so I have plenty of time to enjoy it all.

Speaking of Thanksgiving and being grateful…the other day in Ellie’s class they were sharing what they were each grateful for and guess what Ellie said when it was her turn?

“I’m grateful for Happy Meals.”

Not her family. Not her friends. Happy Meals from McDonalds.

I’ll take my mother of the year award in high gloss gold, thank you very much.

Some other random news – I cut my hair last week! Nothing too drastic, but it is a lot shorter. Right below my shoulders. I keep thinking I need to share a picture of it, but I haven’t done my hair all week. The rain has inspired nothing but quick pony tails and my various sweat suits.

And here’s the sweet little face that greets me after nap time these days –

He thinks he is just too cool now that he can roll.

What a stud. :)

xoxo, Erin
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37 thoughts on “A little of this and that

  1. Kole is such a cutie and so are you! I laughed out loud at the roller. I don’t own one of those and wouldn’t have a clue what to do with one:) I love your organization ideas and can’t wait to borrow some of them:)

  2. Did you get my text???

    Thanks to YOU, I got some sort of idea in my head that it would be great to organize my pantry.

    Erin, I literally had to SCRUB the shelves, they were so gross. I fill 6 garbage bags full of crap! It took me two hours!

    I almost quit half way through, I was so overwhelmed.

    But guess who’s blog was running through my head?????

    And now, I can’t stop looking at my clean pantry!!! :)

    Oh and you totally have to revisit the new hair do post. That didn’t cut it. Your viewers will not be satisfied.

    But you look so cute and skinny. :)

  3. Love how organized you are! Definitely wish I had a kitchen like yours….we live in a townhouse and my kitchen is very small and my cupboard/drawer space very limited :(

    And Shari’s right, as a “viewer” I am not satisfied with that new hair post ;)

    But seriously, how awesome do you look?! Six months after Kole was born??? No fair, I wanna know how you do it!

    Love reading your blog….don’t comment as often as I should, but I “drop by” every day :)

  4. I love how organized you are and you have been such an inspiration. I have to admit that your hair does look lovely, however I wasn’t really looking at your hair! You look fab-u-lous! Oh my goodness gracious! How in the world do you do it? Please share your secret! Love that little boys grin, what a ray of sunshine, you are so blessed!

  5. Hey Erin, you are such an inspiration to me and I absolutely love your blog. I check every day and sometimes more than once to see if something is new. Anyway thanks for all your ideas for organizing and for sharing your home and family with us all. Hairdoo c’mon let us see it down the pony tail just doesn’t cut it. thanks again and happy bloggin Donna

  6. Loved this post! Once I get over my nausea I’m going to organize and clean like crazy – any trips to SLC planned, I could use your help?! As for your rolling pin story, I had to laugh because my mom purchased me one the last time she was here. We Santa Clara girls must have been too busy to take home ec. in school. You look fabulous – way to go!!

  7. Your house looks straight out of Pottery Barn! Gorgeous! How in the world do you keep it that way with 3 kids???? Wow! Love your kitchen. You are really inspiring me to get rid of stuff I don’t use. The baby is adorable. Love the grateful for happy meals story. So cute!
    ~ Stacy

  8. The pictures of your kitchen and you labeling them all totally cracks me up! I’m not poking fun, but it is just funny to me for some reason. :o) Oh my goodness, thanks for the morning chuckle and thank you for your comment on my blog!! Sometimes I don’t think anyone reads it.

  9. Love the drawer organization you have going on… We have A LOT of the same kitchen towels! (I think it’s because we both LOVE red!) Kole is so darling, I love that sweet little smile :0)

    p.s. we’ve been having some rainy days here too…. and you inspired me to spruce up all my cabinets/closets the other day! YAY!! Thanks! Rainy days ARE perfect for organization :0)

  10. I love your blog..I just have to follow. Your pictures are great and I am a picture gal myself..I think in pictures. I love your little Cole and love his sweet after nap smile. Not all babies smile upon wakening…lucky you!
    I will be junk drawer(s) need help.

  11. I think I am going to go close all my cupboards and drawers permanently. My inadequate lights are flashing and my pulse is racing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the organization, really I do. I am just not there. And, I have to agree with Shari…more new hair post and you are a twig in your leisure velour:)

  12. You are looking rather toothpick like these days. Must be all that crazy organizing you’ve been doing.

    PS- Very cool about the shoeboxed thing! You’re a regular celebrity!

  13. Fun post. Love how you labeled your drawers for us. You my dear, take organization to a whole new level. And seriously, you had a baby 6 months ago? I mean really, I had a baby two years ago and I would shoot anyone if they took a side shot of me. You look fab!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the hair.

  14. If only you could see my house! The only room that is organized is my pantry because Amber did it for $20! I’m pathetic, I admit. Organization for me has NEVER been my strong suit. BUT, I love to cook so I guess we are all blessed with different talents. I love the pictures of your kids/family. So darling. I also can’t wait to see your hair. I’ll bet it feels good to get a bit cut off. Love you Erin.

  15. Erin!!

    My first time commenting here :)

    Don`t listen to your sister, keep these organizational tips coming.

    Just went out to the dollar store and got lots of plastic baskets to organize my kitchen



    love from Calgary, Canada

  16. Thanks so much fo rthe ideas. You truly are insirational, and the pictures are wonderful. I am a visual pictures, so they really are very helpful.

    One day, in one of your organizing posts could you please include your girl’s hair accessories? I have 2 girls and they seem to be all over the house!!! I would love to see how you do it.


  17. Look how cute you are even in sweats and a ponytail. Seeing Kole makes me want another baby and that is saying A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love this post. I love anything about organizing. You inspired me today!! I organized my living and dining rooms. I LOVE to get rid of things, so no problem there! I bought some nifty new organizational things at Target today and I love them. Thanks for your blog–you are a ray of sunshine in the often cloudy
    area in which I live.


  19. So funny that you posted about your kitchen drawers… I was getting ready for a party at my house this week and I was totally frustrated with my kitchen drawers. I thought to myself “I wonder what Erin’s kitchen drawers look like? Wish she would post about them so I could copy her.” :)

  20. When my oldest was in first grade, her class had a thankful tree. Each of them wrote what they were thankful for on a leaf. We had a chance to view their thankful tree at the class thanksgiving feast. Guess what my daughter was thankful for? TOILET PAPER!!! Because she’d had to go without? Who knows? It’s been a family joke ever since.

  21. Yes, yes you are definitely killing me today. I can’t believe you cut your hair! And I can’t believe how cute you look in a pony tail and sweat suits!

  22. Hi Erin,
    I’ve been browsing around your site and you sure have a great sense of style and flair! Love your organizational skills too! I’m just getting started and it sure is a lot of work, but most surely worth it! Keep posting! ~ Cindy

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