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My sister, the star

You may not know this, but my little sister is now a movie star. Well – that’s what we’ve all been calling her around here. Carly is the director of legal recruitment for Prince, Perelson and Associates in Salt Lake City (sounds important, right?) and she was asked to be on Studio 5 to talk about job interview strategies. We have all been SO excited (and by “we” I mean her family…the little people she will now likely leave in the dust for stardom, fame, and fortune). We were together in Utah last weekend and went shopping to find something perfect for her to wear for her big TV debut. She’s six months pregnant with her second baby (due on Christmas Eve!) and we found a perfect loose purple silky top that screams “I’m professional yet stylish yet down to earth yet incredibly smart and talented.” She did an amazing job and since I’m so proud of her (and of course taught her everything she knows) I had to share her 8 minutes of fame with all of you. :)

Car – Well done. Just remember to talk to me before signing any movie deals. There are a lot of sharks in the industry.

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “My sister, the star

  1. So i teach a middle school Speech ELective Class. We are starting a unit today on conducting interviews. I am so using this as a warm up activity. Thank you.

    Way to go Carly!

  2. I thought she did such an Amazing Job! I am so very proud of her. The shirt we helped Carly pick out was perfect on that backdrop the studio had. Who would have known she was 6 months along? :)
    That was cool to put this clip on your blog Erin….So proud of both my girls!
    p.s. And proud of my son too….All 3 of you have found your talents in life. I think I will take your dad to dinner tonight to Celebrate this moment!

  3. WOW! Carly-You looked amazing, and you were so cool and calm! I feel like I should jump back into the workplace and use all of your tips! :) But seriously, I’m making my husband watch this tonight to help him with his interviews for P.A. school. Such good, sound advice! Thanks for sharing Erin! I wish I would’ve been watching when it aired! I’m so impressed with you VanAusdal’s!

  4. Wowzers, this is not the crazy side of Carly that we all know. This is a professional, career Carly? She can pull off anything can’t she?
    I will show this to Mat as he will be interviewing hopefully this Fall.

    And Erin, if you know any ophthalmologist in the San Diego community, will take it! Serious. Free botox will be given to you when you stop nursing! We are looking very hard in California and we just need to network as Carly said. So far we may have a lead in Santa Rosa and Palm Springs. Let me know.

  5. Oh how I loved to see Carly!!!! She is such a pro at everything she does. The best part though is watching it and seeing how smart and professional she is and then also knowing what a ham she can be. No one can make me laugh harder (though Maren is stiff competition). :0)

  6. Aagghh, this was awesome Carly!!! Erin, I’m so glad you put in on your blog. I can’t believe she’s six months pregnant, she looks incredible!! I loved Jessica’s comment, she looked so professional on there AND IS, yet she is so darn funny on the flipside. Congrats Car, you looked great on there!!

  7. Wow. I’m a fan. Thanks for putting that on your blog. How special that you were all able to come up and go shopping together. That is just part of the whole special event is a shopping trip to find that beautiful top. You did fabulous, Carly.

  8. I teach a business English class to Japanese college students. We put a lot of our focus on skills toward finding a job while in school and after they’ve gotten their degrees. There IS so much research to do in this particular subject as there are so many workplace cultures to examine when helping a person find a job. GOOD JOB baby sister! She knows her stuff. To be honest, I didn’t even pay attention to her outfit because of how wonderfully she presented her information.

  9. I’m so glad you posted this! I heard Car was going to be on Studio 5 but wasn’t able to watch it. Carly if you read this… you looked fabulous on camera… TV suits you well. And I am honored to be related to you. DO A DIVE!!

  10. I recorded and watched Carly THAT day and thought she did an amazing job. You can just tell how professional and successful she is in her field. Way to go Carly, you looked darling and did such a great job!

  11. I’m so glad you posted this Erin. My mom watched it live and told me that Carly was absolutley amazing. She was super, super impressed!! I would have to agree. I swear Erin, you and your siblings are so incredibly talented. You all have such tremendous people skills. What gifts!!
    So we get our preg. test done tomorrow. I’m on pins and needles!! (I’m showing one major sign of preg. so I’m super hopeful) :)

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