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It’s Fall

Still unpacking from our camping trip to Brian Head. Before we headed to the mountains I had a little time in Utah to hit a few of my favorite stores. Got some more scrapbook supplies (because I needed new paper flowers like I need a hole in the head). Also got lots of blue paper – can’t wait to get going on Kole’s book! (wonder if he’ll care if his book is full of paper flowers?)

I also got a few new things to spruce up the house for Fall. I am SO excited for Fall this year. As soon as 2010 hit I just kept telling myself I needed to make it to Fall. By Fall I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore. By Fall I wouldn’t be dealing with a newborn. By Fall I would be past the trauma and recovery from my unexpected blood transfusion and hysterectomy. By Fall the girls would be in school and I’d have a few days with just Kole to run errands and get caught up. Just needed to make it to Fall.

Last night was the first Charger game of the season. The sounds of the crowds cheering on the TV and seeing Kenny on his feet all stressed out and excited confirmed it. Fall is here. And life is wonderful again. Not perfect (Addison threw a fit at the grocery store today that seriously topped them all), but wonderful. I feel like myself and I have been craving feeling like myself for a long time now. So last night while the kids were peacefully sleeping and Kenny was cheering on the Chargers I lit my Pumpkin Spice candle and pulled out my trusty little to-do notebook.

{Each night (usually after I blog) I pull out my to-do notebook and write a list for the next day. Kenny is constantly teasing me about my “to-do list.” He’ll say “what’s on the list for tomorrow babe? Let me guess. Meet friends at park. Get pedicure. Meet friends at mall. Organize drawer. Meet friends for dinner. Do a blog post. Scrapbook. Meet friends at beach.” I roll my eyes … and then hide my list because while my days are nowhere near that much fun, there usually is at least one of those things written somewhere. :) }

Anyway, I pulled out my trusty little to-do notebook and made a to-do list for the Fall.

TO DO {Fall 2010}

– Keep pumpkin spice candle burning round the clock
– Switch from white summer purse to new hobo brown bag
– Go with Kenny to at least one Charger game (humor him. stand and cheer when the Chargers score. Curse the refs when they don’t. Eat LOTS of nachos.)
– Crock pot something once a week
– Scrapbook last years pictures from the Pumpkin Patch and Halloween
– Change blog header from Summer to Fall
– Decorate the house for Fall
– Shop for a new Fall wardrobe (not just shoes this year!)
– Get Fall family pictures taken (check! did this last weekend before camping)
– Get Christmas cards going (check! my friend Ann and I hyperventilate if Christmas cards aren’t in the works by September at the latest. Everyone thinks we’re crazy. We’re just glad we’re crazy together.)
– Find kids’ Halloween costumes. I am beyond excited to get a little something for my Kole. Baby costumes are the cutest. Fuzzy little animals, pea in the pod, doesn’t matter what you put them in – ADORABLE.
– Help Kenny with our Fall Line Up (spread sheet of all of the shows we watch). I usually tease him about his intricate spread sheets, but not this one. This one is my favorite. It’s carefully planned and executed. We take it very seriously. Need just the right amount of comedy vs. drama.
YUP. That list should keep me busy. And very very happy.

So glad it’s Fall.
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “It’s Fall

  1. Your comment about Kenny teasing you made me laugh so hard. I could totally hear him saying it and I know the exact look on his face. That brings back a lot of memories.

    It’s my favorite time of year as well, by the way.

  2. Agree, love your blog and your sense of humor and joy of life. Happy Fall. Love this time of year, too. As much as I miss summer – also enjoy settling in and nesting a little more in the Fall/Winter.

  3. Rest easy, my dear. Both my sons have a good deal of paper flowers in their scrapbooks! It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones with the right layouts! The brown, blue, and green ones from Bazzill are perfect for boy layouts. Have fun!

    And I’m totally jealous of your To-Do list.

  4. It makes me teary to hear you say you’re back to feeling like yourself because what an amazing feeling. I can be any more happy for you :) I love the pumpkin candle being burned all of the time idea. I burn mine all year long actually. I love your Fall to do list and I wish you all the best with it. I’m going to scrapbook with a friend Friday and I can’t wait. I love that you are already working on your Christmas cards…I’m getting ready to start soon!

  5. Love your blog! I’m feeling ready for fall too and starting to pull out the decorations & sweaters, too. Would you be willing to share your “fall line up” of tv shows? I need to do this with my husband, too!

  6. bring on fall. i love it. it is my favorite season. if only we could have leaves change while enjoying 70 degree weather year round. that would be perfect. :)

    three cheers to you for making it to fall! life has been a bit packed for you the past few months (to say the least). you handled it all with grace & style. you always do, erin!

  7. Christmas card peek? I’d love to see what colors you are using and what your design is. I make about 150 every year and mine are in the works as well.. I teach 5th grade, so I make mine in July when I am off and then just add the picture and newletter later.

  8. I WISH it was Fall in St. George, I could only stand about 10 minutes outside with the kids today and then I was sweating! I can’t wait for the cool air to arrive and can’t wait for the fall festivities! You better add to your list- get ready for FUN weekend with cool friends! :)

    Bring on Fall! Can’t wait to see you!

  9. Seems I’m the only one on earth that is in some sort of post summer/pre fall limbo funk mode.

    I’ll get there but it hasn’t hit me yet.

    So fun last night! Thanks for sending me the pic.

  10. I LOVE the idea of a spreadsheet for show lineup! Don’t know what we’d do with out our Tivo!! I’m so happy for Fall too!
    I wish we could go to lunch too! We’ll be in your area for a few days in February…maybe we can work something out to meet. My “Nana” lives in Vista and we’ll be staying in Carlsbad. Are you near there?

  11. You know what totally amuses me about this post? Kenny’s binoculars in the photo. Dude is hard-core!

    Have a wonderful fall and welcome back to the “real” you!

  12. I’ve been decorated for Fall since we left for our trip to France… I just wanted to come home and feel different! It worked! I love curling up with a cup of cider… even though it really isn’t cold in San Diego!

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