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Ellie and Addison

A little of this and that…

First let me just say that I’m so glad my Baby Boot Camp post was helpful to some of you! To be honest I was nervous to post it. Everyone has such different parenting styles and views and I know some people are very opposed to letting their babies cry. And that’s ok. Every situation is different and babies are all different and at the end of the day you just have to do what’s right for you and your little one. As moms, we know what that is. The tips I mentioned worked great for me so if I helped even one mom get some much needed sleep then I’m happy. :)

It has been so cloudy here lately! It’s always cloudy and cool on the coast in June (known as June Gloom) but usually by July we’re back to sunshine. Normally I’d be so bummed because it’s not great pool/beach weather. Last summer we lived it up and played so much I started feeling guilty about my easy life! Not the case right now. This summer I’m more home bound with Kole. Just thinking of the logistics of getting all three of us and all of our beach gear from the car to the beach is enough to wear me out! So I’m actually enjoying the cool weather for a change. Makes it feel ok that we’re having a low key summer and staying home.

Aside from lots of playing and school camps, my girls are working on their ABC’s and 123’s. I’m so excited that Ellie will be in First Grade! I taught First Grade and have a filing cabinet full of fun activities that she is finally old enough to use.

Every week I lay some things out on my table that I want them to work on.

Makes it easy to grab something when Kole is sleeping and I have a minute to help them.

One thing I’ve learned with “homework” for little ones. Do it often, but keep it brief. I don’t ever have them work for longer than about 20 minutes at a time. Much longer than that, the work gets sloppy and they are too easily distracted. Their little brains and bodies can’t handle it! That’s why it’s nice to have everything laid out and close by. Then if I’m fixing lunch I can grab a page for them to work on while they wait.

Another motivator for having a positive attitude about homework is our star charts from last summer. They set some new goals and are working hard each week! If they get most of their stars they get a fun activity on Saturday with daddy…(the beach, seaworld, the zoo, etc.) Ellie had fun writing her own goals this time.

They take their star charts pretty seriously!
As for me right now, I’m off to do the ever so thrilling task of laundry. Blah. Here’s hoping your Thursday is more exciting than mine! :)
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “A little of this and that…

  1. It seems my Thursday is exactly the same as yours….laundry, laundry, and more laundry. Ah well, such is life :)

    Re your baby boot camp post: my “baby” is almost 2 (I have 2 girls, oldest is about to start kindergarden *sigh*) and I used a form of cry-it-out when they were babies too….its not for everyone, but I agree it definitely works!

    Btw, Ellie’s new haircut is gorgeous! I’m trying to talk my soon-to-be-kindergartener into a similar style, but I think the best I can hope for is a good 4 inches off (its almost down to her butt).

    Hope you get some sunshine soon :)

  2. Being out of teacing now, I bet it is very exciting to be teacher now with your girls and not have all the pressure and stress of a normal teacher! I love how you share your ideas they are great… I tried the whole crying out thing with my kiddos and they threw up every time. Gotta love easy thrower upers. Wish it worked for mine!

  3. i love the star charts! we do a marble jar incentive, but the problem is they don’t have goal clearly written out… big problem.

    i also enjoyed your baby boot camp post. i’m was very strict when it came to sleeping and now i have children who sleep so well. honestly… great post!

  4. Loved the Baby Boot Camp post also. I did it with my first when he was six months old and then with my second when he was eight weeks old. Not for everyone, but now I have amaaaazing sleepers that go down at bedtime without a peep and sleep hard until morning!
    I also taught first grade before I had babies. Are you ever tempted to homeschool since you have so many materials already? Mine are too little still, but I find myself thinking about it more and more. Smaller “class”, more family time…. ? Lots of things to consider though.
    Hope you get some sunny weather soon!!!

  5. I’ve got to get more HW out for the kids. We were so good about it during the school year. Everyone had their own HW boxes it made it so easy. We are so out of the habit though. I’m going to start right away again.
    The weather does make it easier to stay home:0

  6. Didn’t you love teaching first grade. I taught for 31 years and retired three years go. Sure do miss my first graders. Keep up the great blog posts. I really do enjoy them.

  7. Well, I am NOT enjoying the clouds because my children are NOT the kind that enjoy being homebound!

    And I’m deficient in Vitamin D, I’m sure of it. I’ll blame my moods on that for now. :)

  8. This brings back sweet memories with my kids. I remember they had some fun workbooks – getting ready for the (next grade) and like you said … time limit of keeping it fun. Dates with dad make great rewards and remember it also left a little free time for mom, too. Read back through your last summer and how fun. I am realizing this summer hasn’t had as many lunch with friends – will need to work on that :D Laundry is going in the background on this Thursday for me as well.

  9. you are SO organized! i am seriously inspired! i am sooo glad you posted the baby boot camp post (obviously)- we are a work in progress here with it, but it helps so much to hear what worked for you!!! :-)

  10. Can you mail me a packet of good things to work with for my 4 year old? :o) That would be really helpful!

    And having three children makes me home bound ALL the time, but I’m okay with that. Getting them in and out is crazy, although I’ve gotten extremely efficient at it. :o)

  11. You little girls are the cutest! I teach first grade and love it. I bet you are having so much fun with your girls at the age they are now! Enjoy the rest of the summer it is quickly slipping away!

  12. Oooh, I am so impressed! I had really good intentions of summer work for my kids and it really hasn’t happened! And now we only have 1 full week before school starts! I’ve completely failed at that one, jeez I need to be more like Erin! There you go again, Super Mom!

  13. You are awesome! I love stealing great ideas from you! My girls do simple crafts & homework but my house is a mess before, during & after. I don’t even have a new baby – you are wonder woman!

  14. Everyday is Thursday around here…laundry everyday of the week! It’s never ending.

    Your girls are so cute. They are going to be the best of friends when they are adults. Not to say they aren’t now…but what I mean is that they will appreciate each other when they are grown. I grew up with one sister. She was five years younger than me and I wouldn’t say we were great friends as growing up. It seemed that the age difference just separated us. She was a baby when I was riding bikes. She was riding bikes when I was in my “tween” years, experimenting with make-up and going to the mall with friends. And she was in her “tween” years when I was dating and going out to parties and high school football games, and she was dating and going out to parties and high school football games when I was doing the marriage thing. Then she did the college thing while I was raising kids. And now…finally I feel that we are on even playing ground. She is married and raising children, and so am I. And we are the BEST of friends and talk nearly everyday. We were probably the best of friends all along, but just never realized it.

    I have always had a bit of “teacher” in me. When I was about seven years old, I would come home from school and attempt to “teach” my two year old sister all that I learned that day. I would sit her down, and I would draw letters on the chalkboard in our room, and I would make her sit there and recite them to me. I showed her my week’s spelling words and repeated them to her until she could repeat them back. I seriously take all the credit for her achieving her Master’s Degree as an adult. I think I gave her a good head start;)

    I’ve been homeschooling my children since 2001. I’ve loved ever minute of it. Well, maybe not EVERY minute, lol. There are always “those days” here and there that are more difficult than others. But oh my gosh, it can be so much fun. And so rewarding. I especially love teaching the elementary grades. So much fun at that age!

    I admire you so much for your organization. This is where I always seem to fall short. I come to your blog for tips and inspiration :)

    Oh, and yes…the June Gloom thing? I’ve had quite enough. We are pretty close to where you live, so I know what you’re talking about. We went to Palm Springs this past week and I must say that I really ENJOYED the 110 degree weather. Crazy, I know. But being poolside, it’s not so bad. It was so sunny and bright with clear, blue skies at 6am. I like that. My favorite weather is when it’s about 82 degrees. I know that may be too hot for some, but that’s perfect for me. I’d much rather be hot than cold.

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