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A note for me

First, I have to share my happy news. Kole only woke up ONCE last night. What? What’s that I hear? Angels singing? Isn’t that simply the best when you wake up in the morning and look at the clock and realize your newborn has slept longer than ever before? Such a great feeling. Of course he won’t do it again for a few days because now I expect it and newborns thrive on unpredictability. I actually think he’s sleeping better because I’ve recently enrolled him in my “baby boot camp” – but that’s a post for another day.

Speaking of other posts, I’ll start working on one that explains how I do my blog header and sidebars (since several of you asked so nicely). But for now I just wanted to share a little story behind this photo shoot –

(the girls insisted on getting a picture with Lexie – a favorite doll that was once my favorite doll when I was their age)

One morning last week when I was doing Ellie’s hair I decided I was so sick of ponytails (which is all I’ve had time for lately) that it was time to mix things up. So instead I did her hair in a side ponytail. Because I’m wild and crazy like that. Anyway, Ellie was not impressed. She didn’t like her hair and wasn’t shy about letting me know it. I told her to leave it alone because we were heading to see some friends and after we came home she could take it out. She stomped off into the other room mad and a few minutes later while I was doing Addison’s hair, she slipped this note under the bathroom door –

Translation: I do not like the new hair style. I hate it. But I do love you mom.

Made me smile. Glad to know that even when I’ve made her mad she still loves me.

No matter how hideous I do her hair.

xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “A note for me

  1. That just makes me laugh. It’s kind of funny, I did Hailey’s hair in a side pony today and she was so proud of it.

    Congrats on the better sleep. That really is the best, maybe he will keep it up! I will cross my fingers.

  2. Didn’t I tell you he would start sleeping better at night now???

    Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you and I can’t believe you didn’t mention this news when I saw you today!

    Love that note from Ellie. So cute!

  3. Yeah for Kole. I agree that there’s nothing like waking up and realizing you slept more than two hours! I hope he keeps it going. Love the note and that she expressed her opinion in love.

  4. That is hilarious! What a good girl to leave it in, Lucy would have hid somewhere and pulled it out in seconds. So glad Kole is starting to sleep more!!!

  5. haha That is so funny! I think it looks darling on her!
    I’m so happy Kole is doing better. Ty started sleeping good about 3 months…but he still wakes up at least once. Guess I need to hear more about the baby boot camp!

  6. Erin-that is the cutest note! It just melted my heart! You have a sweet daughter. I have a sweet daughter too but I think she would have taken her hair out and no note! :)

    Welcome back. We need to get together and I love, love, love the new heading and ESPECIALLY the picture of your little dude laying by the pool in his shades. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest picture ever!!!!!!!!!

  7. I can’t wait to hear about baby boot camp. Janie fought me all day yesterday. She took a one hour nap for the entire day! I am exhausted and she is too! She is sleeping better at night though . . .
    Love the note from Ellie

  8. Re: the feeling when your newborn sleeps extra long–absolutely incredible!! Until you feel your completely engorged breasts and beg your husband to go get the baby to relieve your pain. I think he’s on a roll here:) Loved the note. So honest. This girl is going to be herself–how refreshing!!

  9. I think I had the same doll! I think her name was Gail or something along those lines. She’s still at my parents house somewhere!

  10. Hi Erin!

    Thanks for the photo tips today. I have that same camera and love it. I just figured you had some fancy lens or editing secrets because your photos always look great.

    I love taking photos but still feel so lost sometimes when I do not get the results that I want. I did not even realize there was a way to set those kinds of things on our camera. I guess I will dig back into that manual. :)

  11. I love, love, love Ellie’s note! That girl cracks me up! I love how she is always writing a note for something, and I adore her spelling. Sometimes I think- ya, it should be spelled that way.

    SO glad Kole had a good sleep for you! Keep it up little dude!

  12. Erin that note that Ellie wrote is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I loved her hair by the way. You really need to write children books. I love to read your blog! Of course I love you too!

  13. I was going to ask in previous posts if that was Mommy’s old CPK, cute! I have a whole collection of 80s CPKs but not my original..

    Speaking of the 80s, my oldest daughter (soon to be 8 yr. old) has been ASKING me for a side ponytail. I think they are so cute and flashbacks to the 80s early 90s bring a smile to my face. I think they were cute!

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