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60 and loving it!

Last Friday on May 22, my mom turned 60 years old. She thought she was just going out for a nice dinner with my dad for her birthday and then maybe getting together later with friends. What she didn’t know was that my sister and I were traveling the entire day so that the whole family could be together and surprise her. Our trip from San Diego to my home town in Southern Utah usually takes 6 1/2 hours, but with two little girls – and a newborn – and 5 potty/feeding stops, it took over 8 hours. We all looked a little disheveled when we arrived, but we made it just in time to throw some decorations up and surprise my mom.

Anxious party guests

My sister-in-law just had her baby 10 days ago. It was so fun to see my nephew, Drew, for the first time! He felt like such a light weight compared to Kole (who is getting chubbier by the hour).

When we heard the car pull up we all lined up with balloons and noise makers…

SURPRISE!!! And this was what my mom looked like when she realized her whole family was in town. :) This face was totally worth the 8 hour drive. With two little girls – and a newborn – and 5 potty/feeding stops.

So happy to all be together.

Proud grandma and grandpa with their first two grandsons.

The whole crew (minus Shawn, Carly’s husband, who couldn’t be there and was missed).

My cute mom makes turning 60 look pretty good.
xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “60 and loving it!

  1. How fun!! You are right…her face makes the effort well worth it. I am so happy that you could be well enough to put up with an 8 hour multi-stop trip with littles and a newborn! I am sure it meant the world to your mom to have all of you together.

  2. Those are the best photos ever!!! So glad you’re doing better and you could all be together to celebrate this exciting time as a family. Love those cute little grandsons ~ Congratulations :)

  3. That is SO sweet that you were there for her. I love her face and can see how excited she was to have you all there (after an 8 hr drive with two girls, and a newborn!). Looks like a really fun time.

  4. What a great way to turn 60.. Your Mom’s face is priceless in those pics! BTW Kole is HUGE!!!!! When did he grow up like that??? What a great post!!! Thanks for sharing.. Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!

  5. So fun! Love the action shots of Bonnie being suprised :0) and Love the picture of the girls all together with all the babies.

  6. Such fun pictures! It looks like you all got your mom really good. Love the pictures of your parents with the babies. So sweet!

  7. Okay, yes, I’m pregnant so I’m emotional…but those pictures of the happy surprise on your moms face totally made me cry! What a fun birthday surprise! Hope you had a fun trip!

  8. That’s so fun- I am sure my mom and dad would love something like that.

    When did your baby suddenly get big- I hate to say it, but he doesn’t look so much like a newborn anymore!! He is still super cute though.

  9. I LOVE this! I’m all teary just looking at those pics of your Mom! Those are so priceless! I am SO happy you decided to make the trip to surprise her, especially since I get to see you tomorrow!!!!! :) What a fun time, great pics of the fam! And you aren’t kidding- Kole looks huge next to that tiny newborn! Can’t wait to get my hands on him!

    Happy Birthday Bonnie, you are just fabulous and you do make 60 look great!!

  10. Erin!!! I am crying!!!! Why am I crying??????

    Because seeing those pics of your mom made me feel like I was there! And seeing that pic of you, Carly and your mom hugging reminded me that you were almost not there.

    So perfect. So happy you guys survived that trip to get there. I know it was worth it.

    Have fun in the sun but get back here soon with that baby!

    Speaking of baby, he looks huge!!!

  11. I am sure everyone has said this but the pics of your Mom are the BEST! They make me so happy! Love it, so glad you were able to make the trip! :)

  12. What a great surprise and what a darling family you have. Those babies are just too cute. How fun that you could all get together. Good luck on that so fun drive home!

  13. Oh my heck, Erin! That baby is almost bigger than you are! Good job! Very cool of you all to do that for your momma. 60 seems pretty fab now.

  14. I love the pictures of your mom being surprised those are priceless. I also can’t believe how many grandkids there are now. I am way jealous of all the baby’s you guys have in your family.

  15. How fun! You can just feel the love in these pictures, I love it!

    We are about to celebrate Kyle’s mom’s 60th in a few weeks, and then my mom’s 60th in November. It’s the year!

  16. I love the pictures of your mom, well worth the long trip and potty breaks. How nice for you to be able to drive that far and surprise her. I enjoyed all the pictures and two cute little boys. Such sweet memories for all of you. You look great by the way. So glad to hear your up and doing better.

  17. Oh I just love your Mom’s face, and her hair in the mid air shot, where she was jumping up and down. Love it! What a fun way to spend her 60th. It was so good to see you and your darling little Kole. He is just cuter than cute, and so BOY!!!

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