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Ellie and Addison

Typical Weekend

I’m excited for this weekend. Not because we have any big plans – quite the opposite. We have nothing planned. I love weekends with no agenda. We’ll probably end up….

eating waffles for breakfast and then lounging around in our pajamas for a good part of Saturday morning.

Then the girls will need an outing so we’ll most likely head to the park to ride bikes.

Until something much more exciting distracts us from the bike riding.

Maybe we’ll throw in the jeep and take it out for a spin.

Probably make a Target or Costco run and then pick up some dinner. Home to get the kids in bed and then if Kole cooperates, watch a recorded show like The Good Wife, Lost, Parenthood or Modern Family – to name a handful of my right now favorites.

Then Sunday morning Kenny will get up and take the girls to church and Kole and I will both take a nap while they’re gone. (there have been certain advantages to still being in “recovery mode.” :)

After church the girls will run upstairs, pull their hair un-done, and put back on their pajamas because when they’re home they like to be comfortable. Wonder where they get that from?

Then they’ll pull out their toys and play play play.

While they play I’ll most likely be doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen.

And Kenny will catch up on some work or read his book with his new little reading buddy.

Then maybe that evening we’ll take a drive or a walk along the beach and enjoy the sunset.

Our typical weekend when there’s no agenda. My favorite kind.
xoxo, Erin
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29 thoughts on “Typical Weekend

  1. San Diego living at it’s best!!!! I loved your pictures at the park and beach. We live in the most beautiful place on earth!

  2. What do you mean, no agenda? It sounds like you have one to me. But, it sounds like the best kind of agenda. I hope you have a great weekend, and that you are feeling better every day! miss you and can’t wait to see you soon. So good to have you blogging again:)

  3. There aren’t many Saturdays anymore that don’t have something for us, so I love when we don’t have to be anywhere. Those days really are the best!! I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. *Salivating* Thank you very much!!!

    Oh jeez, what I would give for a weekend like that.

    I HATE the weekends but obviously I am in a totally different phase of life than you! :)

    The pic of Kenny and Kole is so great and I got teary at the pic of you and the girls at the beach.

    So glad you’re ok Erin! So glad you’re still here to share those moments with your family.


  5. That weekend sounds heavenly! What I wouldn’t give to live close enough to the beach to just go out for a stroll for the evening! Enjoy it! We’re off to Park City for 1 night….you know what that means for me!! Shopping at the outlets!! Yahoo!!

  6. Usually, I am so super envious of anything you get to do on the weekend with the beach and good weather at your disposal, as the weather here is both dry and windy right now. But, nothing can go wrong for me right now. Tonight is Father’s and Son’s campout. And I have four boys. *cue cheerleader style jump herkie*

  7. What a beautiful picture of your life! I love how you treasure the simple moments…the best part of life.

    And if you have a moment to let me know…where in the world did you get that ADORABLE little table & chairs? I LOVE it! I want to find one for my soon-to-be-opening daycare.



  8. Can I come to S.D. and have a “no agenda” weekend with you?!? Man that sounds great! Guess I’ll have to wait for baseball to get over first! Have a great weekend.

  9. That sounds like a wonderful weekend, agree! We are in San Diego enjoying family with graduation. Not a typical weekend but love it.

  10. That sounds fabulous to me! Hope it’s just that perfect for you! Love all the cute pics and Pierce and Madi especially like the one of Ellie and Addie with the bug! Enjoy your weekend to the fullest and I say skip cleaning

    Ok Pierce just yanked his front tooth out while I was typing my comment!!!

    I was saying you should skip cleaning the kitchen! We love you guys!

  11. Enjoy those weekends. I have blissful memories of those day’s. They are long gone now that we have many little people in sports, birthday parties to go to, church things, wedding receptions, errands, homework. I could go on and on. I might have to schedule a nothing to do saturday!

  12. I LOVE all these pictures! The waffle picture made me crave waffles…think I’ll have to make them tomorrow morning with strawberries! Yum! Baby Kole is absolutely adorable! Hurry and come up here so we can kiss on him!!

  13. hope your weekend is turning out just as you had hoped! i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve seen you. plus, i need to come over & get my hands on that adorable, little Kole. ;) what are your plans for the week? maybe i could swing by sometimes without the girls. i’ll give you a call.

    p.s. it sounds as though life is getting back to a normal groove. always a good thing!

  14. I’m so happy you are blogging again and doing a little better. I’ve just read thru the last few posts and love love the pictures. I love a easy nothing do do weekend too. Good luck on the weeks ahead getting back into the groove of being mama and on your own. You are an incredible amazing women and know you will do great. Keep letting those friends come by and help and feed your family, that’s the best thing they can do. Take naps every chance you can and take lots of pictures of little Kole before he’s too big. Get a little fresh air and sunshine when you can also. Take care and have a good week.

  15. That sounds like my kind of weekend. This weekend we are unpacking from our wonderful Florida vacation and getting ready for the series finale of LOST!

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