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In my kitchen (post 2)

A few more things I’m loving in my kitchen right now…

The grocery sacks I keep for garbage liners were completely taking over the space under my kitchen sink. This ten dollar sack holder I bought from Target is perfect! I love having something that keeps them all together and makes them accessible without taking up so much room.

So…Kenny and I seem to have the same reoccurring disagreement discussion. It involves “the stack.” We don’t have a home office in our ‘right now’ house (big plans for the home office in my ‘someday house’) so there is no place for Kenny’s miscellaneous papers – receipts, mail, bills, etc. He tends to just leave these papers all over the kitchen/living room area and expects me to leave them all over the kitchen/living room area so he’ll be able to find them when he needs them. It drives me crazy! So I stack. When I’m cleaning during the day I gather all of these miscellaneous papers and put them in a big stack. Then I usually put the stack in my hutch or in a cupboard or drawer – somewhere out of sight because I hate to see clutter. Kenny comes home from work and can’t find something he needs and gets mad at me for stacking and moving all of his stuff around. It’s seriously something we’ve argued about every few nights for the thirteen years we’ve been married.

“The stack” on a good day.

I have this cute red holder for mail, but it’s clearly too small for all of Kenny’s papers.

So the other day I bought this green file folder.

Then I labeled each folder. One for receipts, one for coupons, one for miscellaneous papers, and one “to-do” folder for things that need to be taken care of soon. Kenny is happy that the moving “stack” is gone and I’m happy that there is finally a place for all of his crap important papers.

So simple. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Could have avoided all those disagreements discussions!

On to pantry organization! One of my favorites.

I have a really small pantry in my ‘right now’ house (big plans for the huge pantry in my ‘someday’ house) so I have to make the most of the space I have and the best way to do this is to keep things organized. I basically just try to keep everything compartmentalized. Cans together, pasta together, cracker and cereal boxes together, etc.

Another thing I do is keep all things messy and sticky – honey, olive oil, syrup, etc. together on a small baking sheet. This avoids a sticky mess on the pantry shelf. It also keeps everything together and looking nice. :)

I also always keep a few sandwich bags full of crackers together so I have snacks that are easy to grab when we’re heading out the door. I’ve learned with little ones to never go far without snacks!

I’ve found for me that the key to keeping a pantry organized is to spend five minutes or so each day re-organizing things where you want them. Of course, I’m pretty much the only one in my pantry all day so I’m sure when the girls are old enough to make their own snacks things might not look quite so put together.

p.s. Please don’t judge me by the content of my pantry. I’ve never claimed to be healthy…just organized. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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32 thoughts on “In my kitchen (post 2)

  1. I started to laugh about the “stack” issue. I can’t stand the stacks of stuff. Corey does that to my kitchen counters as well, and we even have a home office. I won’t even get started there. It’s his domain and there are stacks all over the room. Scary.

    Although he can be organiZed when he wants to be. We were having the same issue with our grocery sack. I didn’t know they made fancy organizers for them. But Corey kept some of our old tissue boxes for the bags. We wad up the bags, put them in the box and you can dispense them one by one. Now we have one in each bathroom and the kitchen.

  2. You are SO organized! I’m jealous!!

    I loved all your tips, especially the pre-bagged snack idea. That’s brilliant! Everyday I’m running out the door pouring goodies into the bags leaving a trail behind me :)

  3. I just recently found your blog and I love it! Your kids are so cute! I am the exact same way with organization, it just makes me feel better! I also want to say I’m glad that you are ok after everything you just went through.

  4. Where do you keep cleaning supplies? Mine are under the kitchen sink but I like how you keep paper towels under there and dish towels on the door. I have to keep mine locked up because of my little one.

  5. Love – Love all your fun organizational projects. I am the same way about clutter. My hubby has a basket. I do not touch it and as long as stuff stays in “the basket” then it works.

    Would love to see you share some of your favorite camera and photo editing tips. I know a little bit but I still feel so clueless in that department.

  6. I too have a moving stack at my house. However my hubby does have a desk full of “stacks”. It drives me crazy. He deposits everything on the washer/dryer, kitchen counter, kitchen table. I am always creating stacks and moving them to his desk.

    P.S. Glad to see you are feeling better.

  7. I have the same issues with plastic bags and with stacks. Thanks for the advice – I will invest in both these things on my next trip to Target. But first I am going to go organize my pantry. Those pictures are great motivation!

  8. I love the tray idea for the sticky stuff! That would of saved a few shelves! As for the stack problem, I don’t think I will ever be rid of that one! You are so on top of things Erin!

  9. Erin you amaze me! I could totally relate with the clutter on the counter and I’m the queen of moving stuff out of sight. My problem is I can never remember where I hide Darren’s stuff. Wish my pantry looked as neat as yours… plus you have a newborn, I agree with Shari – you are perfect!

  10. You’d die if you saw my pantry or the “stacks” that we have everywhere! I’m the only one who will deal with them, so they just stay there until then!! I used to be so organized when I was living “at home” (aka: my parents). But, now with a whole house, I’m completely DIS-organized! Yikes. I need to get back into the organized stage of my life. I love seeing how organized you are…what a great trait to have!

  11. Love all the ideas. Thank you for sharing!

    And, I second the post about photo and editing tips. Especially the 4×3 pictures for Project Life.

  12. I am so copying that file box for the “stack” stuff! We totally need that! I also can’t wait to get to Target and get that sack holder! I love that it is so compact! I can NOT judge your pantry food….it looks just like mine!! Glad to see you are doing well enough to be back to organizing.

  13. Ah the stack! I’m just laughing remembering our conversations with you guys about “the stack” and Kenny’s red shorts! I am so happy for you that you finally solved the problem of the stack, and I am surprised you didn’t think of that a long time ago! :) Now, let’s just see how long Kenny keeps the cute new filing system going…I give him a week and then you’ll be having to put the stack into the file box for him!

    And I LOVE the sack organizer, I’m always wanting something like that, but I’ve only seen hand-made old-lady-type grocery sack organizers, like what they made in homemaking years ago or something. I am so heading to Target to pick up one of those! And great idea with the sticky stuff! My pantry is one of the few things that I can keep organized but now I’m going to have to re-organize so I cam have a designated sticky stuff spot.

    I can’t believe you blogging about all this, Kole must be doing amazingly well! :)

  14. We have a REALLY BIG STACK of Jeff’s papers on our desk. Getting him to go through it is our issue! And, there is nothing in your pantry that isn’t in mine! Those are all essentials in my life! This even reminded me that I forgot the Mac N’ Cheese at Costco today! Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas!

  15. As always, such a fun post to read. But I must say, I feel like a total idiot. Your idea of keeping already bagged crackers etc. at the ready is GENIUS. Exactly, how have I not come up with this on my own over the past 6 years of mothering? Geesh! I am going to pack Ritz in little baggies right this second.

  16. I started a snack basket for my pantry this year. Lots of zip-locs with crackers, pretzels, goldfish, a few fruit snacks, granola bars, raisins, Yo-gos, etc. My kids can go choose something from the snack basket (after asking) and I don’t refill it until everything is gone! I’m loving it!!

    I love the green file! Super cute!

  17. Well, I’m gonna say that my pantry does win points for being more healthy. But I absolutely know that my lack of organization automatically cancels out scored points in photo blogland. So (just so we know where we both stand)
    Malea: 0
    Erin: a gabillion

    Great post!

  18. So are you for hire? Seriously, I wish I could stay as organized as that. I try – but it never lasts long. Anyhow, from these pictures I am taking it that you are feeling better? I hope you are.

  19. I have a ‘stack’ place to the side of my fridge…and no matter how many times I can get it cleaned up…it is right back the next day…homework, coloring pages, grocery lists, birthday invitations, teacher notes to send back, reading pages to sign…etc. there is always things there. I need you to come organize for me…get me on the right track, and then I could TRY to keep it organized like you!! Your pantry looks so good! I hope your ‘Someday house’ is somewhere in Santa Clara !! :) ‘Spmeday you need to get back…right?!?!

  20. I seriously love your organization posts! I’m so ready for my school year to end so I can start organizing the parts of my home that need some attention!

  21. Love your organization posts, too. Do you do consults in Utah :D. We are somewhat settled in our house and two of my favorites of this house that we wanted were a very large pantry and Steve’s office for just what you are describing. I can move Steve’s papers to his desk (which is a roll top so I can roll it down and don’t have to visualize the mess). Whenever I show my house to someone the place we end up in is inside the pantry!

  22. Erin this one gave me quite the giggle, cuzzz I don’t have a husband to make the stacks for me I do just fine myself but love the idea for containing them. It starts as stacks, moves to a bag, then a basket or box then I have two ooooo what a mess. Going to Target TONIGHT. Love the grocery bag container too. Oh btw I used to have a husband that did that drove me nuts, hmmm maybe thats where I learned it from yep yep its all his fault.

  23. I love my bag holder too, so easy and organzied that way. you have a beautiful kitchen, love the window over your sink. Wish I had a pantry yours looks great and yes I would organzie mine that way too, even in my cupboards they are organized. Thanks for the tip about the baking pan under the sticky bottles, I don’t have anything but love your idea and will put one in today. We have all kinds of stacks also, no office or desk anywhere. That is a great solution which I have finally did ahile ago, one for the kids school papers also. So happy to see you blogging and taking care of the house. Have a good day.

  24. Erin, I love your post about the “stack.” At my house it’s a “pile” but it’s the same thing, and I HATE it! I love your idea with the file box, I’m going to get one today. Also, I want you to know that your organization is an inspiration to me. I like to think I’m an organized person, but I’m not good at keeping things organized. I’m going through my house this summer and organizing everythin and I’m determined to keep it that way.

  25. I know this is super old, but where did you find the green file sorter you have here? I have some similar magazine sorters I got in the $1 bins at target last summer that I love, but I can’t find them again. I hope this isn’t something like that. :(
    This would be awesome to have on my table where the “stacks” accumulate in my kitchen, and it would look much more attractive than the typical plastic sorters I have.

  26. Hi Elisha!

    The green file was from Target, but yes – this is an older post and it has been a while so I don’t know if they still have it or not. I’m sure if not they have something similar. Hope that helps! :)

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