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Happy March!

YEA! It’s March. Time for Spring. My favorite time of year.

This weekend I did a little “Spring Cleaning.” (wiping down things I don’t usually wipe down)

and got out some of my Spring decor.

Then I took this basket of jars that sits on my dining room table

and added some Easter candy. Isn’t Easter candy the best candy!? I wait for it all year. The Cadbury Eggs are in the cupboard (they just didn’t look as cute in the jars). :) Wonder how long this little centerpiece will last? Chicks Ducks and Bunnies will be the first to go.

Happy March! Bring on Spring.

xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. Love your centerpiece – afraid it would constantly be empty here. Love spring too — can’t wait to come to San Diego for the amazing flowers at carlsbad next month.

  2. I am seriously pining for spring. Although I am not looking forward to all the mud that comes with the thaw here in Wyoming, especially living on a dirt road. But spring won’t really be here until May, so I’ll just have to get cheered up by pics of San Diego’s spring!

    Easter candy is hands down the best candy of the year! Who can resist Cadbury mini eggs?

  3. Those cute jars would be emptied out at 3am by my son!

    Very cute though. :) I’ll keep those in mind for when my little kids are grown.

    I’m ready for Spring too!

  4. Those jars of candy wouldn’t last a hot red second with my crazy’s. Someday, ‘tho. I love your Spring posts. They are so refreshing and inspiring.

  5. I love your Spring Decor, Erin. Hey what a minute… don’t you have Spring year round? I heard you guys had summer type weather a few weeks back too.

  6. Oh Erin I should not have looked at the candy jars! Now all I’ll be able to think about is Cadburry Mini Eggs! The mini eggs are my favorite! Oh Easter does have such good candy! Yum! Oh and totally cute too! Love your Springy post! AND only 10 more days!!! Hope you’re making big plans!

  7. LOVE your colorful plates, bowls, canisters, etc. spring is pretty much here…which means your baby boy will be arriving soon. hooray!

    p.s. you really did look so cute in that dress yesterday at church. you’re getting really close to being done. :)

  8. ….and I just totally copied you, drove to Target, bought 3 big canisters/candy jars and $45 dollars worth of Easter candy.

  9. Cute! I told my hubby last night to grab our Spring stuff down from the attic. I am ready for Spring too but we woke up to snow here in Alabama. That almost never happens!!

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