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How would you like your Valentine?

I’ll take mine to go.

With a few of these on the side.

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “How would you like your Valentine?

  1. Oh, she is simply adorable. What a precious moment to capture. The m and m’s — yummy! One of our favorites to have sitting around in a cute dish, too.

  2. I’d like a few hugs and squeezes from your Valentine too! I am in love with those tights and shoes! How cute! Love that Addie girl! Give her a few extra hugs from me today and tell her I miss her too! :)

  3. Oh those peanut m&m’s, love them! Deliberately haven’t bought any yet because I know I won’t be able to leave them alone. Will buy some right before V-day though :)

    And I have cute little red outfits ready to go for my two girls also. Couldn’t resist! Need to get to Gymboree to see if they still have those red heart clips….knew I should have bought them when I first spotted them!

  4. I’ll take mine in St. George! What better gift for my loving husband than 4 whole days with no wife, child or Little Bear? I’ll call you from the road….Happy Valentine’s Day!

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