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A clean view

My left kitchen window has been driving me crazy for over a year now. The outside and inside panel weren’t stuck together tight enough and dirt has been getting in between them making my window always look dirty no matter how clean I scrub it. I called to get an estimate for a new one and it was $300! Who wants to spend $300 on a window? So Kenny and I put if off because we had so many other more appealing ways to spend our money. :) Every day though, I’d open my kitchen blinds and that dirty window would bug me every time I glanced outside. A few days ago Kenny called home from work and said “I know that kitchen window is driving you nuts, why don’t you go ahead and get it fixed.” Sweet! I called and scheduled a new one to be put in ASAP (before he changed his mind). Just got the new window put in and what a difference! Now I am loving the clean view of my little lemon tree and the flowers growing on my backyard hill (you can’t really see them in the picture, but they’re there…looking lovely). Thanks again babe.

Hope you all have a great weekend and take some time to enjoy the view. :)

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “A clean view

  1. I had to replace a window in my house a few years ago when a little boy (not mine) threw a ball at it and it cost us $600! I was so sad.

    I’m obsessed right now with getting mine all cleaned. We have 42 so it is a big project. We just don’t want to spend the money right now to have them cleaned. Maybe I’ll get a call like yours soon!

    Here’s to hoping…

  2. That’s a great guy you have. I have two of those windows, my bedroom included. But like you said, so many other ways to spend money…too many destinations to visit.

  3. Beautiful view and peeeeeerrrfect kittchen counter/decor. Your whole life feels like a breath of fresh air to me, is it really this way??

  4. I love kitchen windows! Maybe someday I’ll have a beautiful back yard to enjoy looking at through mine, for now I just have to look past all the dirt and enjoy the hills. I love how perfectly clean and organized your kitchen is too!

  5. In response to your question..I think I needed just as much convincing as Dan did. I feel really old this time around. My babies are usually a few weeks early so I’m hoping for the middle of July, we’ll see. I was way bummed we didn’t do our annual 84765 lunch. Definatley this summer we’ll plan it.

  6. I had spider webs inside my kitchen window for months that drove me crazy…it took about 10 minutes to come up with a contraption to get them out…why did I wait so long?

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