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2010 Goals

I love to set goals, but I usually do it in September instead of January. (reasoning behind this I wrote about here) But this January, I do have three simple goals I’m hoping to accomplish in 2010.

Goal #1 – Steer clear of Emergency Rooms. The ER seems to be my new hangout these days and I think I’ve had just about enough of the place.

Goal #2 My second goal is to stay on top of my kids’ scrapbooks during the year. This is an area I have totally slacked in and I am beyond behind. Oh well. I’m not going to worry about catching up at this point. I’m just going to focus on a realistic way I can stay on top of things next year. I’m writing up a plan that will hopefully set me up for success. More on that plan tomorrow night.

Goal #3 – There’s always a lot of blog buzz about picking your “word” for the year. A word that helps define your goals. My word for last year was “action” because I was hoping to stop just making to-do lists of projects I wanted to someday complete and to actually complete them. Looking back I think I did ok – some things were completed and some weren’t. This year I didn’t have to give much thought to my word. In fact it came to me almost immediately. My word for 2010 is “survive.” I’m hoping to survive the third trimester I’m heading into. Hoping to survive another newborn stage. And hoping to survive the beginning of life with three little ones. I’m especially worried about surviving the newborn stage because looking back that stage was particularly hard on me with both of my girls. Newborns, while adorable and sweet, also bring with them sleepless nights, unpredictability, non-stop care, and all together too much crying. I do MUCH better when my babies are 3-4 months old and are starting to develop a bit of a schedule. I like schedules. That said, I really want to enjoy this third and last baby…even during the newborn stage. If I can survive those three months and come out smiling, I will be one happy mom.

That’s it. 3 goals for the year. No more ER. Stay on top of the kids’ books. Survive baby #3.
Seems simple enough, right?

What are your goals for the New Year?

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “2010 Goals

  1. Oh Erin! You are going to find baby #3 as your stressfree newborn. Really! #3 is when I finally was able to relax and realize just how quickly that newborn stage goes and to actually enjoy and savor the time. I actually remembered enjoying the inthenight feedings because it was just me and the baby without distractions: heaven! I can’t wait!!

  2. I think surviving sounds great! I know you’ll do amazing! And I’ll do all I can to help, even though that will mostly just be sending positive comments your way! I’ll be wishing I could bring dinner over to you and take the girls for some play time. Oooo, maybe you should send the girls to Utah for a week so you can re-coop after the babe arrives.

    I’m still trying to figure out my goal for the year, keep my house clean, I think I need some Erin advice for my: how I’ll accomplish this goal.

  3. My ‘word’ for every year is Survive. Since I started having kids, setting a list of goals seems unattainable so I figure if we’re all alive at the end of each year I’m doing good.

    I did come up with a new word this year though…in addition to survive.

    We’ll see how I do.

    Been thinking of you! So sorry I haven’t called.

  4. You will do more than survive, I just know it! I don’t do scrapbooks, I can’t handle the guilt.

    2010 will be a great year for you guys.

  5. I ditto everything your friend Kath said…Baby #3 is heaven. You have your older girls that will LOVE to help out, and if you are relaxed with the baby…he will be relaxed too!!! I know that they can sense stress…and they get stressed and ornery because of it. Just stay calm…It really isn’t half as hard as baby #2. You will do great! I can’t wait to see that little guy!!

    Why don’t you take a little get-a-way trip up here and we can all get together and scrapbook away!! I am SOOOOO far behind…Abbie is one week old in her scrapbook…Sadie doesn’t even have one started!! Thank heavens for the blog!!!

  6. Funny, the past three years Matt and I have been saying we’re in “survival mode”. We’re happy, productive, and love our family. But everything we do in the day, is a way to find an ounce of sleep either day or night. We’re finally getting off of survival mode. Your use of survive is much more positive than mine. Good job, you will survive…you’ve got all your life to live you’ve got all your love to give and you’ll survive…;)

  7. Yep, it’s all about surviving the newborn phase. I HATE the newborn phase. My last newborn phase lasted a year. We were in “critical” mode, rather than “survival” mode for one year. He screamed for almost 12 months straight, day and night. I sincerely hope things go better for you.

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