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Do you ever?

Do you ever eat while you’re on the computer and get little food crumbs under your key pad and then your keys start to stick? But really you sometimes do it on purpose because that little air thing that blows dust out from under your key pad is just so fun to use?

Do you ever feed your kids chicken nuggets for four nights in a row? And you feel incredibly guilty about this and everything else you’re not doing in the “good mom” department? And then you decide to be positive and to focus on what you are doing in the “good mom” department and you justify the chicken nuggets by thinking at least my kids aren’t going hungry?

Do you ever get a little too into your music while exercising? You’re on the treadmill and your ponytail starts bobbing and your hips start swaying and you maybe even get so pumped up that before you know it you’re punching the air to the beat of the music? And you get interesting looks from other fellow exercisers? And you suddenly realize that you’re at the gym and not in the privacy of your own garage where you usually rock out while on the treadmill?

Do you ever get so excited about an upcoming getaway trip with your husband that you start packing way too early? And then realize how stupid this is because for the next week you’re pulling everything back out of your suitcase just to get ready for the day?

Do you ever have bizarre dreams like about how your sister-in-law (who is pregnant for the first time) just bought over a thousand penguins and was so excited about starting a penguin farm? And you kept freaking out and trying to tell her that she just doesn’t understand how much work a new baby is (because who really understands until they’ve lived through it) and how she’ll never be able to deal with a newborn AND take care of all of those penguins? And she thinks it’s no big deal and, as the wise veteran mom, this is making you completely crazy?

Do you ever catch yourself watching worthless, mindless soaps like Young and the Restless? And every time you watch it you think why am I watching this? This is such a stupid storyline and the actors are awful. And you know it’s the most unproductive way to spend your time so you try to justify it by cleaning or folding clothes while it’s on? And you vow to never watch it again, but then a few days later you’ve tivod it you are home when it happens to be on. And you watch it again because there is just something about the love triangle between Nick and Phylis and Sharon that you can’t seem to pull yourself away from?

Do you ever?

No? Really?

Yeah…me neither.

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Do you ever?

  1. You’re so cute Erin. I TRY to watch soap operas like I used to and I just can’t. They are sooo silly!
    No way… I never feed my kids chicken nuggets more than once a month. ha! Do I ever!

  2. I’m starting to get into that dreaming phase. I had two more amazing dreams this week – one involved Eddie Royal from the Broncos stealing millions of dollars that my dead grandpa had helped me find and I was so mad because I couldn’t pay my tuition for school. The other involved me being on Desperate Housewives, switching bellies with Austin, him having contractions and me deciding that he had no pain threshold because it was just the baby kicking.

    Where in the hell do we come up with this stuff???

  3. For the most part, NO! I think the most I’ve done is 2 nights of chicken nuggets in a row. Then I switch it up with a quesadilla! But I do have some VERY weird dreams! I usually don’t ever mention them to Ryan because I don’t want him to think I need therapy.

  4. why do I get the giggles when I hear the name Phylis?! Please say your mom’s name is not Phylis.

    How about Do you ever tell all your in laws how you are never going to drink carbonation any more and then drink enough to make you sick all week to get it out of your house…no not me… ;)

    ps. Enjoy your getaway!

  5. Do you ever read blogs while you’re supposed to be hard at work analyzing running records and planning lessons for struggling first grade readers? Of course I never read blogs while I am at school working. Never.

  6. Girl, my bag is always packed for that upcoming getaway with my man. No, I don’t have any upcoming plans for an upcoming getaway. But the bag is, indeed, always packed.

    ps, I’ve enjoyed getting caught up on your last few posts. What up w/ the b-day party? he-LOOO? Too much 90210 in someone’s youth? (yeh, I’m just jealous too)

    pps. I like shoes. Check out my comment on the shoe post. you’ll love the photo link I posted.

  7. What??!! Nick is with Phylis and NOT with Sharon? When did this happen? Next you’ll be telling me Sharon is with Victor and Phylis is with Brad. Nikki is with Jack and Victoria is a lesbian! Do tell! Working moms miss all the fun :(

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