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Friday we went to Ellie’s class to meet her new Kindergarten teacher and see her classroom. She was so excited and nervous. So was mom. :) Her teachers (she has two who are sharing a contract this year) were SO nice and the room was darling. Ellie felt right at home and I have to admit it made me miss teaching! Getting the room ready and starting a new school year is such a fun time. I can’t wait to volunteer and help out in her class.


Yesterday was her first day of Kindergarten! Our house was a buzz of excitement as we all got ready to take Ellie to school. The whole family went!

Not quite sure what was up with their arms in these pictures. They were excited and acting silly – as usual.
Walking to the school…parking was crazy the first day!

This was the last look Ellie gave me before she walked into her classroom and just after I took the picture she started to cry. :( I got her settled in her desk, told her I’d pick her up after lunch, gave her a kiss and left. At the end of the day her teacher told me she only cried for a minute. Whew! Much harder on me than on her I’m sure. When I picked her up she was happy and excited to tell me about her day. Here are a few things she told me:

-they have star charts (but different than our star charts) and get a prize when they get all of their stars
-one girl in the class wasn’t minding and didn’t put away the toys when she was supposed to
-her teachers did a really silly dance that made her laugh
-they played a duck and chick game and she got a turn being the chick
-at snack time she got confused and ate some of her lunch at snack and then ate her snack at lunch
-there were only two recesses and they listened to the teacher six times (not fair)
-they had a meeting (I’m assuming this was an assembly) and a man talked and said NO GUM in school
-she likes her teachers and thinks Kindergarten will be fun, just not as fun as Kindergarten camp and pre-school
Give it time baby! We are all so proud of you Ellie. You were the cutest little Kindergartner ever.


Today was day two. She wore her monkey shirt and was one happy little gal. Kenny took her on his way to work and said she didn’t cry a bit. :)

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. She is so adorable in her first day outfit. Isn’t it so hard to leave them there on their first day–all alone? I had to hurry to the car before my own tears started.

  2. She looks so cute! First grade has been a lot harder for me than kindergarten…the all day thing. Kendyll has been so bored all the time without her sister around!

  3. She looked absolutely darling! How fun for the whole family to see her off on the first day. I’m so glad I get one more year before I send my little guys of to the world of kindergarten – I’m sure it will be harder on me than them.

  4. Well, of course, she got to wear the monkey shirt! I’m sure she was thrilled! What a doll she is! Love her 1st day of school outfit! Darling! And Addie’s too, loving both of their shoes! Glad she is doing so well!

  5. What fun! It looks like she is going to have a great year. I love her first day of school outfit. I think all these firsts are harder on the mom than the kids!

  6. how are you holding up, erin? i’m sure it’s mixed emotions. i can only imagine how i’m going to feel sending audra off to school. ellie looks adorable in her new clothes. i’m sure she’s a fabulous student!

  7. It’s weird when they come back that first day and they are immediately grown up- they know where they’re going–they all of sudden know all the rules and forget them when they walk in the door to your home.
    I’m glad her day was good.

  8. I will be living this tomorrow. I am tearing up just reading your blow by blow. Good idea to journal her take on things right away… I will be blog-lifting that for sure. I am pluggin my nose, holding my breath and diving in tomorrow at 8 am. ugh!

    Way to go Ellie!

  9. She is going to be a great student! She looked so cute. If Preston would have been crying when I left him at school, I don’t know if I would have made it through the day. I am impressed you let her wear the monkey shirt on the second day, you are such a good mom!

  10. Go monkey shirt! I’m so proud to see my little niece exercising some fashion sense at such a young age! I especially loved her and Addie’s matching mary janes – Claire must inherit both pairs! I was more worried about you than Ellie on her first day, but if she’s not going full days yet, it’s probably not too much different than pre-school, right? Tell her we love her and to have fun with all those new friends!

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