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Easter Weekend

My cute parents came to visit for Easter and we had such a fun weekend with them. Took them to our annual egg hunt at the park, went shopping (thanks for tending dad!), colored eggs, visited the flower fields (pics to come soon), watched movies, ate out, and drove scenic routes along the ocean. The girls enjoyed lots of attention and hugs.

{Egg Hunt}

{Surprises from The Bunny}

(decided to be rebels this year and get Easter pajamas instead of Easter dresses…comfort first)

{Decorating Eggs}

We have so much fun with my family that it’s always hard to say good-bye. This morning when my parents left, Ellie cried. Her sniffles made me sad, so we huddled together under a blanket on the couch and watched Miss Spider. I reminded her of the party that her group at preschool would be having today and that made her feel a little better. I drove her to school (lucked out getting a great parking spot), went to the gym and the grocery store with Addie (where I bought my favorite peppered turkey), came home and re-organized my kitchen pantry. And then I felt a little better. Thanks for spending Easter with us mom and dad. As Ellie said, “This was the best Easter we’ve ever had!”

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Seriously, I’m coming to your house for the next holiday. You guys always do the funnest things! It is cool that your parents were able to visit. I guess it’s been a few years since I’ve seen your mom. Bonnie, you are looking great!

  2. Oh that picture I took of your family turned out FABULOUS! Why don’t you come take phototgraphy classes from me??? I think I’ve got it! :) That was really fun! I love that Easter Egg hunt!

    oh, and thank you for not posting the “head on” picture! :)

  3. Wish we could’ve been there to join in on the Easter festivities!We kept saying how boring Easter was without all the kiddos. I think we need to come visit. Convince Austin to stop being a slave and take a day off work.

  4. Happy Easter Ellie & Addie! What cute photos of your egg hunt and matching outfits from the bunny. Next year we should all meet up at Grandmas for a hunt with the cousins!

  5. So cute Erin! I see you guys weren’t the only ones freezing. We froze at my sister’s house on that day too!

    I hardly recognize your skinny mom. Wow, she’s doing a great job.

    Being the bah humbug mom that I am…I am soooo glad we weren’t here for the Torrey Hills nightmare…uh…I mean…egg hunt.

  6. It was the “Best Easter Ever”! Wish our whole family could have spent the weekend with us. Sounds like it was cold and windy in Utah for Easter too.
    Dad and I are sure missing all of you. Way too much fun, food, and laughter! I will be working hard to loose the pounds we put on with all the food we ate, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

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