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Ellie and Addison

Weekend Recap

We kicked off our weekend Friday night with the Gabba Gabba gang and special guest star Jack Black. Oh – our little family had been looking forward to this show for weeks! If you remember this post you know that my girls get pretty excited about Yo Gabba Gabba. Kenny and I get pretty excited about Jack Black. He was in rare form as always and his performance was hilarious. Seeing him in DJ Lance’s orange suit was the highlight of my week. It is an episode I’m sure we will all watch over and over and over…

Also this weekend:

  • more waffles
  • bought Ellie a booster seat (a nice one that matches the car…the hideous multi-colored seat that she picked out just didn’t come in her size. Darn!)
  • Conference
  • coloring pictures for the Easter bunny
  • lots of the channel 212 for Kenny (NFL network). He is having major football withdrawls. The 2009 season will be announced soon and meaning will be brought back into his life.
  • watched Marley and Me and Slum Dog Millionaire (loved them both!)
  • {Could add the next weekend highlight to this post} I woke up in the middle of the night (still half asleep) to use the bathroom and instead of walking into the bathroom door, walked smack into the wall next to it. It’s all good. The goose egg on my forehead goes great with my Spring wardrobe. All of those yellows really make it POP. :)
  • A few hours of Sea World (surprisingly slow if you hit it early in the morning). Addison’s favorite of the day – “all the fish.” Ellie’s – “the sharks, but I really just wish Sea World would get some mermaids.”

And my favorite pictures from the weekend: Addison stealing Ellie’s grapes…

and then doing her victory dance afterword. Oh..this child of mine.

Hope your weekend was a good one too. :)
xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Cute post – our girls were both at the aquarium this weekend! I recorded the Jack Black special premiere to watch this week and Claire isn’t even into Gabba Gabba! I knew I’d get a kick out of it after a long day at work. Tell the girls Aunt Carly wants to come and taste their waffles sometime – they’re my favorite!

  2. Fun weekend Rollins family! We can’t wait to get down there…and I want some of those yummy waffles! Looks like Kenny has that down to a science. He can start making them at my house when you come to visit! ;)
    Tell the girls that grandma and grandpa have already started to pack our bags. We would leave today if we could….can’t wait for hugs!

  3. sounds like a great weekend. the picture of addi & kenny is to die for cute. love the smile on both their faces as they look at each other. too cute!

  4. My boys love yo gabba gabba too!! We have history with the producer/bat commander. If you want the lodown–ask Ben. We are also big Jack Black fans…in fact School of Rock is on at our house right now!!

  5. Well your weekend sounds like a lot more fun than ours! Cute pics. Love Addie stealing Ellie’s grapes. That is so great you caught a picture of that, caught her right in the act…and the look on Ellie’s face…that is so great! Love it!

  6. The pictures of her in action stealing the grapes is hilarious!!

    You probably already know about this…but I was just looking at a blog from a friend that just got back from San Diego and she was raving about the Carlsbad Flower Fields and how beautiful it is right now. Thought it might be something you’d be interested in taking the kiddos to, if you haven’t heard about it. Plus, I’m sure it’s an added bonust that it’s right next to the Outlets!!

  7. Funny Addison! I am glad all y’all (that is how they say it here) enjoyed Jack Black as much as we did. We had to watch Nacho Libre last night just to see some more… hope your head is okay, hate it when that happens! :)

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