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Yesterday, on March 11th

-I turned 32.

-I woke up to balloons, my favorite treats, and 4 fabulous coupons from Kenny…
Coupon #1 – Good for one dinner experience with loving husband.
Coupon #2 – Good for one European facial.
Coupon #3 – Good for two sweet No Doubt Concert tickets.

Coupon #4 – Good for three hours of computer/blog assistance with no griping or complaining at a mutually determined time and place. Sarcasm included free of charge.
{I can’t believe I’m going to see No Doubt in concert!!! AND thank goodness for some computer love – this blog is in serious need of a makeover. You did very good this year babe.}

-After Ellie asked “why is it your birthday today when we had a party with our family in Utah?” I explained to her a fundamental life lesson on the art of stretching your birthday for as long as possible and milking it for all it’s worth. Kenny likes to remind me that my birthday is on the 11th…not all of March.

-I tutored one pretty cute 8 year old girl in math.

-I registered Ellie for Kindergarten and got teary eyed just walking around the classrooms. First day of school I will be a MESS!

-Addison asked Kenny “daddy – why are you a boy so much?”

-I received fun mail (the only time other than December that mail is cool). A favorite was part of Carly’s gift – the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with a card that plays the song over and over. I am so gonna rock to it this weekend and introduce my girls to a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and one of the best dance movies ever made.

-I added a few new touches to the house to welcome spring. Green pitchers on top of my white cupboards I picked out in Utah – they were a birthday present from my mom.

-My phone was ringing all day and this was especially fun since I love my ringer.

-I took Ellie to preschool and learned that they are going to be incubating chicks. I thought seriously about asking to take one home after. If only it would stay a little, fuzzy, irresistible chick forever…but what in the world would I do with a chicken!?

-Friends brought flowers that made my house smell SO good.

-I went to my photography class which took place downtown at the Embarcadero and learned how to take cool pictures in the dark that make it look like it isn’t dark…

-I decided (after receiving b-day wishes from more “friends” than I even knew I had) that facebook is cool again.

-Today the girls and I ate popcorn at 9:00 in the morning.

-Tonight my cute friends took me to dinner.

-Two of my friends gave me cook books for a birthday present. Good thing since all of my other cook books are resting under my new green pitchers on top of my white cupboards.

-Thanks to everyone who has made me feel so loved! It has been a great birthday. :)
xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Yesterday, on March 11th

  1. I knew that strange feeling like I was missing something all day Wednesday had to be something big…your birthday. I will now sing you a birthday greeting by doing my interpretive dance….

    whew! done. Sounds like a you had a lot of people taking care of you, which is the way it should be on your birthday.


    Where did your music go? I was going to download it.

  2. I waited forever last night for you to post and finally gave up and went to bed!

    So cute Erin! I was so happy to share in your special day and fun girls night!

  3. Happy happy birthday Erin! Make it last as long as you can! You are making me wish it were my birthday!!!

    Your picture of the Embarcadero is amazing!!!! Watch out Mark F!

  4. I didn’t know No Doubt reunited! ska your heart out, sistah. Oh, and it’s a good thing I Googled the spelling of ska, because I initially spelled it sca, which stands for Sexual Compulsives Anonymous. Which might not actually be a bad thing since Kenny DID buy you those tickets.

  5. I’m so glad you had such a fun birthday, and glad you got my card, (I thought it was so appropriate for you!) And I have to say- way to go Kenny!!! I am so impressed!!! I love coupons! (I made some for Ryan one year and he never ever redeemed them!) And those were really good coupons too!

  6. You’ve had a birthday shout HOORAY we want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser, too * Happy Birthday TO YOU!!

    What a FUN day!! You had a busy, busy day!! HOW FUN to go to the concert and how cute of Kenny to do the coupons for you!! LOVE IT!! I, too, got soooo teary eyed when I signed Cam up for Kindergarten, and thought, oh know what am I going to do on the first day. I got a little teary, but wasn’t as bad as I had antisipated!! I am jelous that you are taking photography classes! How fun!! That is what I need soooo bad! I still don’t know how to run my camera! Did you get a camera by the way?? What one did you end up getting if you did? (I am assuming you did if you are taking classes!)

    So glad you had such a terrific birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! And Trevor brought home a chick when he was in kindergarten so you can ask him out that worked out :-) they are so cute…so are puppies and kittens.

  8. Erin, happy belated birthday!!! I love all of the jettete reunion pictures and the new decorations in your house…it’s so clean. I wish i could’ve seen you when you were in town, we’ll have to do golden spoon next time you come down. love ya, angie

  9. I’m glad you had a good birthday!!! Hey, Nat and I saw your mom at Pasta Factory on Thursday. She’s so cute!!! She admitted to blogstalking me, I think it’s great!!!!

  10. Erin, Love your new look on the blog! So cute. I need to learn how to make mine so cute. Was this possible by use of one of your coupons?

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