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Opposites Attract

Kenny loves sushi – Erin hates all food from the sea.
Kenny lives for Fall – Erin lives for Spring.
Kenny likes things clean – Erin likes things cleaner than that.
Kenny is a saver – Erin is a spender.
Kenny loves country music – Erin not so much.
Erin wants another baby someday – Kenny not so much.
Erin is an optimist – Kenny is a realist.
Kenny snacks on cookies – Erin snacks on candy.
Kenny drives cautious – Erin goes for speed.
Kenny loves spreadsheets – Erin loves 1,000 thread count sheets.
Kenny is a night owl – Erin is a morning person.
Kenny on vacation is go go go – Erin on vacation is veg veg veg.
Erin is a peace maker – Kenny is a trouble maker.
Erin thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing is killer –
Kenny thinks Bleu Cheese salad dressing will kill you.
Kenny loves to go to the movies – Erin loves movies on the couch.
Kenny loves change – Erin loves routine.
Kenny is still into Survivor – Erin is SO over it.
Kenny enjoys the cold – Erin enjoys the sun.
Kenny loves the Chargers – Erin loves the charge card.
Kenny hates surprises – Erin lives to be surprised.
Kenny loves to debate – Erin silently stews.
Kenny is analytical – Erin is ana-what?

{Anyone in the mood for Straight Up??? I got your back Paula.}

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. I think I’m Kenny, and Austin is you!! The funny thing is I’ve been thinking about how opposite Austin and I are lately and that I was going to do a post on it. I just might have to now!!

  2. That’s great, Erin! Butch and I are polar opposites on most things but on a few things we are exactly the same.

    Good thing we’re different. We could NEVER be married to ourselves!

  3. Love it! I loved that whole Paula album, my sisters and I used to rock out to it! You guys are so great. I love seeing old pics of you guys together, too funny!

  4. So true!! Don’t all good marriages consist of one type A and one type B? One red and one white? No wonder you’ve made it this far together; it’s all about balance! And of course the fact that he stood by you through all your ’80s perms! Good men are hard to find. ps. Paula stole Straight Up from me!

  5. Ha! I took that picture. We were at my grandma’s condo in Salt Lake (where we were supposed to be going to the Celine Dion Concert)… oh the funny memories. Cute post Erin

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW! The picture is….well…WOW! You guys were totally awesome when you were youngins’ It’s funny how we can all see ourselves in your relationship. I’m with you, Paul Abdul and I have your back!

  7. Erin, You are so creative and clever! How do you keep coming up with these darling posts? I loved your list and the way you wrote it! Especially the 1000 count sheets (I’m with you there!) Your play on words was sooooo clever! You need to write a column for a newspaper!

  8. First of all, that picture is so classic.

    And second, i don’t know if you saw, but you totally won my giveaway! E-mail some lovely info about you to me at so I can think of what handmade thing i could make that would best suit you!

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