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Happy B-day Austin!

Just wanted to wish my little bro. Austin a happy birthday…yesterday. (sorry I’m a day late Aust!) Austin is quite simply one of the greatest people ever to grace this world. He is kind to everyone, has a great sense of humor, and is extremely loyal. He is one of those people who is SO good with other people (especially older and younger people which is very telling of his character). He also plays a mean game of double solitaire…even though I can still kick your butt Aust – game on!

A lot of my favorite childhood memories come from hangin‘ out with cute Austin…

Carly (my 21 month younger sister) loved playing dodge ball, soccer, and kick the can while I (forever the girly girl) loved playing house, barbies, dress-ups, and hosting tea parties. Since she wouldn’t play what I wanted to play…Austin quickly became my right hand man. Poor kid didn’t have a chance. ;)

Never to old for a good blanket tent! (at least that’s always been our motto)

Since I was so young when I started dating Kenny, Austin practically grew up with him around and they have always been like brothers. They are SO CLOSE that I often wonder if Kenny married me just to hang out with Austin. It would explain a few things…

Austin is a great Uncle and is adored by the girls at my house…

and by the girl at his house…

and COMPLETELY adored by me. Love you bro! Hope you had a great birthday!
(see more childhood pics with Austin here & Austin with his beautiful bride here)
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Happy B-day Austin!

  1. He is such a doll. I still remember him more at the age of the pic with him and kenny, he’s all grown up now, crazy. by the way I love the video of addison…so cute.

  2. What a great post and tribute to your brother! That is so awesome you guys have such a great relationship and had so much fun growing up together! That says A LOT about him. He must be awesome, awesome-ness must be in your blood!

  3. Sweet tribute to your little brother…so glad I took pictures of some of those fun moments. You were always planning something fun to do with your little bro and you LOVED to include your Cabbage Patch doll…Lexie! I think you should do a post on her you played with her so much :)
    Austin has always enjoyed hanging out with the family. His attitude was an example to his friends. How lucky we are to have him in our family and how fun to watch him ejoy his new family too.

  4. fun post, Erin! I too have a brother I used to hang with a lot but my post would have to include things like “butt head” or I am still better than you and don’t you forget it…funny how that competition will not grow up and out of me. Thanks for your kind words on my blog…lv your blog too!!!

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