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Ellie and Addison

LOVE-ly weekend

I’ve never made sugar cookies before (gasp!) but I love eating them and I knew my girls would love decorating them so when my cute friend Josie gave us her mom’s ‘to die for’ recipe (Thanks Josie!) I figured it was time to try. Sad to say that Kenny and Ellie ended up actually making the cookies. I got bored with it and started taking pictures and cleaning instead. :) They did turn out delicious and I’m sure I’ve gained a few pounds this weekend to prove it!

It was a fun weekend full of…
cookie decorating
card making
fondue with friends
surprises on the doorstep
rain rain rain
more eating
and a little more eating

Hope you all had a LOVE-ly weekend as well!
p.s. Heart my conversation hearts? (previous post) You can make them here.
xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “LOVE-ly weekend

  1. Erin, I am so proud! At least you gave it a go, but hey they got done, that’s the important thing. I am so glad they turned out great. I thought about you when I was making mine. Cute pics. Love the one of you and Kenny, you guys are just so cute together!
    And, I have to tell you I got to meet your Mom and Dad today! Your Mom is so cute and so nice! Sounds like she wants you to move back here maybe even more than I do!

  2. Erin I was so impressed when you called and said you were making cookies! Who cares if Kenny did most of the work, you attempted it and that’s what counts!

    Love all the pictures, especially of you and Kenny. Such a cute, cute couple!

    I can’t help but wonder though, where are the cookies you were supposed to share with me??? :)

  3. We did get to meet Josie and she is a doll! Ryan could not have been nicer helping your dad get his glasses. What cute friends you have. We got to see their cute kids too. See, if you guys will move home, I will tend all 4 kids, at my house, while you, Kenny, Ryan and Josie all go to dinner and a movie! OK?
    Can’t wait to see you in March!
    p.s. Carly, Dayna and I all wish you could have been with us this weekend. :( Claire is sooo dang cute walking and talking!

  4. I’m counting down the days til you guys get to Utah! Austin already said he would babysit the girls all day everyday so we could have some quality time to ourselves- plus I need a serious lesson in blogging. I can’t figure anything out! Thanks again for the cute pictures and v-day card – we felt soooo loved! By the way, you look gorgeous in all of these pictures! Love you guys!

  5. Erin, you are so cute!!! I love those pictures of you and Kenny. Do you ever have a bad hair day?! I still remember the first Sunday I met you. Your hair was soooo long and stick straight. You are darling!

  6. Next year, replace my Gabba Gabba valentine with sugar cookies, extra frosting! We missed you over the weekend… shopaholic totally reminded me of you with your red hair… only the heroine was very decisive and never took anything back! Happy V-day!

  7. Cute photo’s! I still need to email you with my info for the reunion. The closer it gets the more excited I am. How cool are we for doing this? I’m so glad you and Natalie are on the ball to put it together.

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