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Happy Valentine’s Day

To all of you!

AND to my Valentine-

BABE – I love you more than…

{you are SOOOOO loved!}

Love, me

xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. LOVED this post! Back when my husband and I started dating in high school we wanted to say I love you but of course neither of us wanted to be the first to say it. So one day we were talking and he told me that he liked me more than baseball, more than ice cream, more than his favorite hat, etc. I told him I liked him more than dr. pepper, more than snow days, more than… MAC & CHEESE! And EVERYONE knows how much I LOVE mac & cheese so to this day we have a secret little I love you. We sign letters and emails with mtm&c, we even plan on getting it engraved in our wedding bands! So reading this post totally made me think of that and I LOVE IT! I’m not so sure I could say I love my husband more than Edward Cullen though… that was big of you!!! :)

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