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This is a random picture I took sometime in December. I happened to have my camera upstairs and caught Addison hugging Ellie goodnight while Ellie was still brushing her teeth. Addie is pretty adamant about hugging and kissing everyone several times before bedtime. She, like her sister, is a master staller.

***Update on the potty training. It’s done. She’s potty trained and was after day one. I don’t know WHAT I did to deserve this but it was so easy with Addison. We haven’t even had an accident! It was like once she got over the fear of going the first time it was no big deal. She does everything herself (on the big potty) like she’s been doing if for years. I’ve been in a state of shock! I don’t know if it’s because I waited longer with her and she was just ready, because she sees Ellie doing it all the time, because I knew better what I was doing, because she doesn’t like messes and keeps saying “I can’t go potty on Cinderella!” (Cinderella panties), or if it’s because she has more of an independent personality. My real theory is that someone up above felt like Addison has given me enough stress in her little lifetime and I deserved a break. :) Whatever the reason, I don’t care. She’s potty trained and I didn’t even have to break out the Resolve. Life is good.

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Update

  1. Ok, I have 3 things to say…

    1. How the heck does Ellie sleep with those rollers in?

    2. LOVE the green paint in your bathroom.

    3. NO FAIR!!! *sigh* Really I’m happy for you but I’m soooo jealous! Eden is taking forever to train. But, as you told me…she is my last to train. Thank heavens for that!

  2. I love your 25 random things, I’ve been tagged 3 times now and still haven’t done it. You’ve inspired me. I’m so happy for you that potty training went so good.

  3. This is like re-living my experience in Potty Training 101 with Erin and Carly.
    Dad and I dropped you two off in Cedar with my mom for the weekend. When we picked you kids up, Carly was potty trained…it was that easy! Carly was exactly like Addison…and you….well…Ellie was easier than you were.
    But, I just started way too early with you. I had too, because I had two kids in diapers…and all my friends started their kids, so I did too…so dumb! And twice as hard on me and you. GOOOOOO Addie!

  4. The XSi is the camera I have as well. It is a great place to start. No need for a more expensive one until you master shooting in manual mode. And that may take me the rest of my life! Ha! You are going to love it. Which lens did you get?

  5. I hope she keeps it up! That is how Lucy was for the first couple months, she isn’t quite as diligent now, hopefully that isn’t that case with Addison!!! YEAH! That is always a huge relief. The girls bathroom is so so so cute! I love those colors. Love the curlers too, I used to wear them all the time!

  6. That is such a cute picture! And I can’t believe Ellie will sleep in those rollers! I remember sleeping in them as a kid! Congratulations on Addison. You really do deserve it! :)

  7. WOW!! Way to go Addie! That is amazing! I am so envious! Madi still doesn’t care. I am thinking it is because she has been such a hard one for you and you deserve a little break, definitely. I love the picture with Ellie in her curlers, and I LOVE the green paint in your bathroom!! I can’t wait to come visit you and see how cute your house is!

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