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25 Random things about me

(This is a tag going around onfacebook right now. Kind of fun. I figured I’d put it on my blog since I took the time to do it. **Do not at all feel like you need to take the time to read it!)1) I never do tags. I decided to do this one (my first!) because I’ve had so much fun reading random things about so many friends. :)
2) I love to organize. Organizing cupboards, closets, drawers, etc. makes me calm and happy. It’s how I de-stress.
3) I eat a turkey sandwich for lunch almost every day and have for over ten years.

4) I don’t think I’m high maintenance, but my family would disagree!
5) I really miss dancing. In my dreams I am a dancer on So You Think You Can Dance (love that show!)
6) I feel like I’m always cleaning because well…I’m always cleaning.
7) Right now I’m reading the book 1-2-3 Magic (effective discipline for children 2-12) because of my lovely little 2 year old.
8) I hate my thighs and have since I was little. When I was in Jr. High I bought a Thigh Master and exercised with it every night. One night I was workin’ it so hard that it broke. Car and I laughed our heads off!
9) I’m extremely indecisive. I like to have approval for most of my decisions and usually turn to my mom and sister for this. I used to turn to Kenny too, but he’s had it with me and my inability to DECIDE.
10) I LOVE to take pictures and just got a new camera (my first SLR). I also just signed up for a photography class to learn how to use my new camera. Can’t wait!
11) At this point in my life I’m really happy to not have a baby.
12) I have a love affair with the color green. Green laptop, green ipod, WAY too many green shirts.
13) I love driving fast. My family would say I’m a bad driver, but my girls disagree. Ellie once said “mom…I love that when you drive WE are the ones passing all of the cars!” :)
14) I love to exercise and have thought about someday teaching aerobics. I think I could handle the cardio, but my inability to lift anything over 5 lbs. keeps me from pursuing this!
15) I think The Office is hilarious.
16) I wish I had more time for scrapbooking.
17) I love to decorate and am annoyed right now that my house is pretty much done. Time for a bigger house so I can continue to shop for that perfect item to go in that perfect spot!
18) I have been in love with my husband since I was 15 years old. Even during times when we were dating and (to quote Ross from Friends) “on a break” I still loved him.
19) I’m thrilled to have Disneyland season passes this year.
20) Sometimes I speak in a language that only Kenny and I can understand. I tend to mix up words when I’m trying to articulate my thoughts. Kenny gets a real kick out of this.
21) I hate cooking. I’d rather be doing anything else…scrubbing toilets…you name it.
22) The first year I was a stay at home mom I had a hard time and really missed teaching school. Now I LOVE staying home with my girls.
23) I wish so badly I lived closer to my family. In a perfect world I would still live in San Diego (because I love living here), but St. George, UT would be 10 minutes away.
24) I’m really into sauteed mushrooms right now.
25) I think I have the best girlfriends ever (some in San Diego, some in Utah, and some in Virginia) and I love getting together with them!
xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “25 Random things about me

  1. It’s all true! I think your family would have said the very same things about you….especially all the green shirts, driving fast, and decorating!
    I so wish we lived closer too. Thank goodness for cell phones.
    If I did the list, I would have said what a great mom you are….and that you are a wonderful daughter and sister too!

  2. Correction! Please refer to #8 – YOU did not purchase the thigh master. I purchased the thigh master FOR you as a birthday gift, from an actual infomercial with Suzanne Somers, your “thigh idol” whom inspired you to work out round the clock, thus snapping your contraption in two and hilarity ensues!

  3. I love that you posted about YOU! hmmmm… I think I’m getting an idea for my next post – I’m running out of ideas already and it’s only been 2 weeks!

  4. I loved your lists. You ARE the queen of lists, so this was perfect for you. You’ll be happy you did this. You ARE a great Mom and I’m so glad you get to stay at home with your girls and enjoy them as they grow up. Congrats of the potty training. Some just “get” it. I’m sure having a big sis helped. You are so cute. I love your blog!

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