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Party’s Over

Monday morning. Kenny’s back at work. Ellie’s back at Pre-school. Addison’s watching Barbie Island Princess with blankie and thumb in mouth. And as for me…time to tackle the house. Vacation is definitely over! I have a mountain of Christmas to put away and still haven’t unpacked from our trip to Utah. Dishes, laundry…YUCK. Why do Mondays often feel like this? Especially the Monday after Christmas break. Double YUCK.

New fun folders I’m using to help stay organized this year

Don’t know if I’m quite ready to take these down. I think I’ll leave them up a bit longer. :)
xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Party’s Over

  1. I feel the same way! I got all my Christmas stuff packed up, now I feel like I’ll never get my house back together! Dusting, moping, vacuuming, laundry…
    Love Ellie’s latest!

  2. So sad huh? Holy Christmas cards? That is awesome, I like that idea. I’m always trying to re-organize them on my fridge with not enough magnents. I’m stilling your idea next year. Your girls are so darling.

  3. I’m leaving up all of the christmas cards until valentines I think..they are all way too cute to put away. love the chargers pics and amen on mondays!!!

  4. I feel this way EVERY Monday but today was especially bad. Hope you made it through ok. You already know how my morning went as far as potty training goes. :(

    Just keep looking forward to Wednesday…glorious Wednesday, when you will have some ALONE time.

  5. Love your Christmas card wall! Leave that up until tomorrow so that I can see it! :)

    Also love your new organizing tools! Hope Tuesday is going better!!

  6. I so agree with you!! The Monday after Christmas is hard…but it is kind of nice to be back into routine as well….and I am absolutely LOVING a clean house with the Christmas decorations down! But that doesn’t mean I want to do anything yet!

  7. Leave the cards up till you get my NEW YEARS card!! It’s coming this week!! Love all the pictures, cute blog, cute kids, cute mommy, cute grandma, just cute..cute…cute!!
    I love you guys!!

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