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San Diego fun


Where can you go to see great fireworks, get chills singing the National Anthem, eat WAY too much nacho cheese, hug and celebrate with random people you’ve never met, and scream louder than you ever have? A Chargers playoff game. Kenny and I just got back from the best game we have EVER been to! The Chargers played the Colts for their first playoff game here in San Diego and the crowd was absolutely wild. It felt like a party the second we arrived at the stadium. The game went into overtime (17 to 17) and then the Chargers scored and won the game. What a rush!!! Our voices are gone and we are flying high. GO CHARGERS!!!

Just arriving at the game…
Kenny likes to be plenty early to see the players warm-up. He has his binoculars in hand and his mini radio with one earpiece in so he won’t miss the game commentary. He takes this very seriously. :)

I love the pre-game ceremony. I always get goosebumps seeing the flag, singing the anthem, and hearing the jets fly over head. They also had amazing red and blue fireworks.

Game time!!! At first I was just excited for a date night and some nachos (love football food!) but by the end of the game I was a die hard Charger fan!

The scoreboard at the end flashing WE WIN WE WIN WE WIN!!! Qualcomm was such a party of people screaming, dancing, hugging and high fiving that I didn’t want to leave! I’m so hoping they win the next game so there might be another playoff game here that I can go to. I had a total blast tonight! K – so I guess I’m starting to understand my husband’s football obsession a little more. Just a little. :) GO CHARGERS!!!

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “GO CHARGERS!!!

  1. I knew you would blog about your fun night! We had fun just watching it on TV and I was thinking about how excited you guys must have been, especially Kenny!! You guys looked so cute in your shirts.

    I love the football nachos too!! Why can’t we reproduce those? They never taste the same unless you’re sitting in bleachers realizing you just paid way too much money for some chips and fake cheese!

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Dad and I wish we could have seen the Chargers in all there Glory too! That would have been the game of all games to see in person. We are so happy they won…we cheered for them every second! It was more fun for us to watch the game knowing you guys were there. We would pause the screen every time it showed the crowed, just to look and see if it was our kids. :)
    Way to go Chargers! We are so pumped!!!

  3. Erin, all through your post I was thinking, “I didn’t know Erin loved footballas much as Kenny!”, but then you put my mind to ease when you said,

    “I’m starting to understand my husbands obsession a little more. Just a little!” :)

    How could you not have fun at that game!!!! I admit (shhh!) that I even enjoyed watching it with Marc!

  4. So I’m loving that Kenny has become one of those Dixie Flyer Parents at the hometown games. All these old LOUD men with their blaring radios, sitting at the game way too early and thinking this would be a great new career. Glad you had fun too. You make such a pair in your jerseys.

  5. Sam was watching the game andthinking of kenny the whole time. He asked me to send you a text and see if you were there…but I realized I don’t have your phone number, so please send it my way so I can do better for the next game.

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