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9 thoughts on “Decking the halls…

  1. Looks like your house is straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine.

    Aren’t you so excited to put it all away in a few weeks???? :)

    (Sorry, what a bah humbug comment!)

  2. Beautiful! And yes, we’ll be down in St. George Christmas evening through at least Sunday…I have to leave it up to the bread winner to decide when we have to be back to reality! When are you going?

  3. It all looks great!
    Your post for Carly’s birthday was so fun. Sisters are so great!! I’m glad my girls are so close in age too so they will always have each other!
    BTW, to answer your question about my driving. I won’t go into big details but I have Retinitis Pigmentosa (eye disease) that is making me go blind. (No cure yet) I am officially legally blind and so unable to drive! I did a post about it awhile back.

  4. I know I’m crazy but I was totally getting choked up reading about you and Carly. You guys are so dang fun together. And YES she is always the life of any party.

  5. Erin you are so cute. Love all your decor, makes mine look boring. I wish I could just come over and see your house. Which by the way, the lot next to us sold. Sniff. There is still one available on the street.

  6. Your place looks so warm and cozy, and I have the same Yankee candle at home. Gotta love it! I’m mailing you a photo of Claire’s first official sitting with Santa (uncle Jason). It will crack you up… she is less than thrilled with the situation. ONE MORE WEEK TILL SANTA COMES! YAY! Maybe he’ll bring us Sweet Valley books and a Cabbage Patch Kid. Here’s hoping.

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