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Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! What a special day to acknowledge and show appreciation to American Veterans. Love it. Just got back from dinner with my girlfriends. When Kenny asked me what the occasion was THIS time, I said Veterans Day of course! Yeah…he didn’t buy it. He thinks my friends and I will come up with any excuse to have a girls night and get out of putting our kids to bed. He’s right! Whenever I think of random one day holidays like Veterans Day I think about my days at Zions Bank. I worked there as a teller while going to college and loved it for two reasons. 1: I worked with some of my best friends from High School (my sister even worked with me for a little while before transferring to another bank) and 2: Random holidays. Banks close for everything. In fact, my official job at the bank (which I loved and took very seriously) was to hang the “sorry we will be closed tomorrow” signs. I have so many fun memories from that time in my life. Today I thought about the Veterans and how grateful I am for them…and I thought about my days at Zions Bank. Good times.

And where exactly was our manager when these pics were taken???
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. So fun! I didn’t know you were a bank teller. I have to admit that has always been the one job I think would be the scariest! I swear I would make some sort of miscalculation or hit a wrong button and whamo! the bank would be out of business!

  2. AAAHHH! I loved those days! Why didn’t one of you teach me how to do my hair and tell me to get contact lenses???? Our managers were hardly ever there! We totally ran the place! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is great! How much cash were you holding in those pics?! I don’t think I had that much fun when I was a bank teller in college. I guess I was at the wrong bank.

  4. HAHAHAHA! I love it. We had our finger on the pulse of Santa Clara’s finances in those days! It was sooo not as fun when I transferred to the main branch. No one there would let me sit on desks and seduce the manager for a loan :) You taught me everything I needed to know about balancing my drawer and credits and debits. Too bad I missed the lesson on appropriate drive-through speaker volumes! Maverick yogurts forever!

  5. That is so crazy, those pics from forever it go at the bank. I didn’t realize you worked with Car, Liz, Mern, and Brooke. That had to be a blast. You’re good at recognizing these holidays.
    BTW, I am making my blog private now, so if you want, will you send me your email so I can add you to our list?

  6. Did we HAVE to pose for everything?!! I think the VanAusdal girls are at the root of that problem! Oh, but it made life fun and funny (well at least WE thought we were funny)! The good ol’ FAT-FREE yogurts of Maverick… nevermind the 800 calories, we only worried about fat grams in those days! Now I have my lovely belly to show for it!! GREAT DAYS and GREAT FRIENDS at ZIONS BANK!!

  7. I love Zions bank! My bank during college. When I closed my account, I somehow left 30 cents int he account. Don’t know how but I got letters from Zion’s for the next six months giving me the balance of my account. I laughed everytime!

  8. Mostly, what I remember from my girls Banking days, was when one of you would call me and say…”MOM!!! You are in the Over-Draft again!!! Bring some money in!” How funy that both my girls are sooooo good with money…And I am so NOT!!
    I loved pulling up to the window and there were my two cute and smart…running the WHOLE BANK!! I was so proud of you both then…and I am still so proud of you both today!
    p.s. You and Carly would laugh when ever I tried to balance my check book…I always figured it was good if I came within 5.00 to 10.00 dollars…You and Car always balanced to the last penny! I finally just quit trying to balance it and just called one of you at the bank so you could just tell me what my balance was…Do you remember that? Poor Dad!!

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