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Ellie and Addison

Time for a big girl bed?

mom’s the only one who isn’t ready…

So fun to wake up to rain this morning in San Diego…

(This picture was taken last January…probably the last time we saw rain!)
xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Time for a big girl bed?

  1. I am going to send you a pic of Eden. She has started trying to climb out of her bed!!! My life is over when she’s no longer afraid of my threats. I’m so not ready!!!

    Cribs and diapers until they’re 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s fun to get a big bed that means fun new bedding. Also then you can read bed time stories at night next to them Bailey and Collin love that.

  3. I say keep them in the crib as long as possible! Madi climbs out all the time now, so I just leave the rail down so she can get out easier, cause there is no stopping her now! If she’s not climbing out, keep her in! And cute pic of Ellie, so stylish in her rain gear.

  4. I love the feet hanging out. Change. Change is hard. I’m sorry dear Addison, but your world is going to get a tad rougher with the many head bonks you are about to encounter from falling off the bed. By the way, I noticed once again how cute you look in your family picture at the top of your family blog. I love the way you’re looking up at your dad.
    Royalty I keep on Sprinklings because I check them so often, but you are also on couplings because you ARE that special. Hope you sleep well, at least until you start training Addison.

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