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Ellie and Addison

Messes, Hot Lava and Bears…OH MY!

I’m in a total post vacation FUNK. The last few days I’ve felt like I’m moving in slow motion! I am the worst at unpacking. Because of my perfectionist nature, something that should take a couple of hours ends up taking a week. I start to put my make-up back in my bathroom drawer and realize the drawer organizers could use a wipe down. Next thing you know I’ve torn apart all of my bathroom cupboards and drawers. Bathroom looks like a bomb went off. I start to put Addison’s p.j’s back in her drawer and think hmmm…might make more sense if I had the girls pajama’s in the same drawer in Ellie’s room since I always take them to her room after bath time. Next thing you know the girls’ clothes are everywhere and I’m completely re-organizing closets. Then of course life is busy and we’ve got places we need to constantly be so instead of getting things put away and finished, all I’ve been doing is creating messes and more work for myself. What’s wrong with me??? It’s a problem. Admitting it is the first step…right?

In other news, Ellie has been obsessed with “hot lava and bears” lately. Where she came up with this combo I’ll never know, but several times a day we all have to run and hide because of the hot lava and bears that are going to get us. While we hide, her imagination runs wild as she explains the danger that surrounds us all. Poor Addison’s eyes are wide as saucers as she clings to her blankie and repeats “hot lava coming mommy…bears coming mommy!” I think she actually believes everything Ellie says. It’s now the norm for Kenny to expect at least a twenty minute hide-out with the girls each night after work. He’s learned to take reading material with him. All in a day!

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Messes, Hot Lava and Bears…OH MY!

  1. Erin-I DO THE SAME THING!!!! When I came home from vacation, I went to the grocery store. I “had” to clean out my fridge(and I mean really clean!) before I put the groceries away. Of course I had ten million other legitimate things to do. I get overwhelmed and then wonder why! But I am in your same boat!

    Kenny looks like a teenager in that photo!

  2. And here’s what’s so funny….I thought of how hilarious it is that you and Ann are the same way with the organization thing when I read this! :) You both are hilarious. But, I can sit here and laugh all I want and my bathroom drawers go ‘un’-wiped for who knows how long! I’m so mentally overwhelmed by it all that I rarely every try to actually get it accomplished. This is the other spectrum of your issue.

    And that’s the joy of friendship-we balance eachother out!

    I’m cracking up about the bears and hot lava though. Wow-that’s cute. Kenny is the ultimate multi-tasker. You guys are fun parents to play along. You better believe I wouldn’t be sitting there for 20 min. :)

    Hey Erin, how does Nov 11th sound for a girls night?

  3. Oh that is so cute!! Girls come up with the funniest stories!

    Yes, two girls (so close in age) are so much fun…and I’m actually scared at the thought of having a boy! I’m in limbo as to whether I want anymore or not?? Sure wish I could make up my mind though. What about you?

  4. I feel your pain Erin. I just put away my suitcase yesterday from my Utah trip a couple weeks ago. At least you finish within a week. That is impressive! It is so easy to be distracted by other things, like blogging for example. Anyway, I am glad you are back and good luck fighting off bears and watch out for the hot lava.

  5. It was so fun seeing you at Tai Pan. I saw Koni there the next day. Will you please come and organize my house when you come back to stg???

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