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  1. Oh that makes me soooo homesick. So homesick, in fact, that I just booked tickets to go home with my kids in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the temperate San Diego weather, but MISS the fall!!! I hope you and Kenny are having the most wonderful time away!

  2. WOW, that is so beautiful. have a great time. What are you guys doing there??? I don’t get out much so I need to know whats happening in the other parts of the US.

  3. Hey…looks just like SLC right now. You could have just come here and saved a few hundred on air fair! Consult me next time, would you? Have fun around your old stompin grounds and don’t forget to buy a really impractical leather skirt in Charlottesville!

  4. We loved having you guys here! We sure miss you and wish you’d move back to the EAST COAST! Just think…you could have the seasons all year round! Are you so impressed that I “commented”!?!?

  5. Wow, that is beautiful… the pics from Austin’s wedding… AMAZING. They are a perfect couple. Carly looks as wonderful as ever and seeing you all together, just is so great. You seriously have just the best family Erin, it is so fun to keep up with you guys.

  6. So wait, am I getting this right….shower, wedding, trip to Virginie? Wow, girl you know how to pack it in. I will shout a LOUD HELLO to you from North Carolina.

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