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Good Things

Happy Birthday Claire! My sweet niece turned one on September 28th. What a little doll! Love the homemade butterfly cake Car. Very impressive. Can I hire you for Ellie’s birthday in January?
Its been a busy/fun/stressful/emotional/crazy/sleep deprived/exhausting/exciting week…

MONDAY – spent all day running last minute errands and packing…packing our whole house and then some. I have developed a finely tuned skill for over packing. Really – I’m famous for it.

TUESDAY – regular morning of running the girls around to dance/gymnastics, etc. and then headed to St. George, UT. Arrived at 3:00 am Wednesday. Sleep deprivation now begins.

WEDNESDAY – fun day with family. Kenny and I went through the temple with Austin and Dayna for their first time. It was a special day and I’m so glad we were there with them. Late night hanging out with family.

THURSDAY – Threw a wedding shower for Dayna at my mom’s house. Fun girls night!

FRIDAY – Lots of last minute wedding preparations. Dinner that evening at Dayna’s with her cute family. Addison had an allergic reaction and broke out in a rash. Note to self: no eggs for Addie.

SATURDAY – Dayna and Austin’s wedding! Temple ceremony in the afternoon and a fabulous reception that evening at my mom’s house. (pics to come soon!)

Also enjoyed lots of cousin time.
Love spending time with little Claire. Love that Addison is past this busy stage.
xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Sound busy and fun! Glad it all went well! And I can tell from the pics, you Mom’s cabinets are more like mine were supposed to look like!

  2. That is one sweet baby Claire. Her cake did turn out super cute. It took me so long to make, I clearly didn’t have time to put on any make-up for the photos :)

  3. Can you believe with all that over packing you still weren’t prepared for the frigid weather in St George?? It was so great to see all of you and to let all of the little cousins play.

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