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Good Things

Good Things

Happy October everyone! My pumpkin lights are up and glowing! One thing I absolutely love about having little ones is that I now have others to share my excitement for holidays and lights. I love holiday lights. I’m always the first one in my neighborhood to put up Halloween and Christmas lights. I do it early because I love the lights so much and want to enjoy them as long as possible. I like to add a little something each year to the outdoor decorations too. My goal for Christmas is to someday seriously resemble the Griswolds. (I drive Kenny nuts with this goal since he ends up helping install the plethora of lights) So now the girls are into lights too and this week we started a fun tradition. After baths the girls put on princess dresses like always and then run outside in the dark to turn on the lights and twirl around them. They look so happy and carefree spinning around the lights laughing and singing. I love watching them. Happy October. Happy lights.

Another good thing this week has been my “FOUR REAL” CD. Since our So You Think You Can Dance concert Angie and I have been a little obsessed. She burned us a CD of all of the music from the show and it has been so fun dancing around my kitchen to it. We were also so inspired by the dancing that we decided we needed to start dancing again on some level (regardless of what we look like!). So last Wednesday I went to my first Jazzercise class (combination of aerobics and dance). I’d been hesitant to try it because when I hear Jazzercise I think of leg warmers and jazz hands – it sounds so 80’s! But the class wasn’t 80’s at all. It was really fun and a great workout. Nice break from step aerobics and the treadmill which is my usual gym routine. We’re also interested in trying out an adult hip-hop class. Any San Diego friends want to join us??? Yeah…next year Ang, it’ll be us dancing on TV… (or maybe we’ll stick to the kitchen!) :)

I found this today when I went to walk up my stairs during Addison’s nap. Apparently Ellie decided to put all of her “friends” down for a nap too. Each stair does make a perfect little bed…doesn’t it.

I’m normally not that into Saturday Night Live, but it has been so hilarious during the election! Tina Fey imitates Sarah Palin so amazingly well and is such a crack up! Love her.

Kenny had a slower day at work Friday (shock!) and came home around 2:30 to work a little from home. He went to pick Ellie up at preschool so I didn’t have to wake Addison up from her nap. I suddenly found myself with an unexpected half hour all alone in my house. Instead of cleaning or tackling one of the many things on my to-do list, I plopped down on the couch to enjoy my latest edition of Creating Keepsakes. I so love this magazine. It is full of bright colors and happy photos and scrapbook pages. Very inspiring. Always makes me want to create something. It is a total treat when it comes in the mail each month.

This smile is always a good thing.

So this week Kenny has been spouting off a few of his own “good things.” His list for the week includes: his Chargers season tickets, his NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV (complete with the “Super Fan” package that makes all his games in HD), the “red zone” channel that instantly takes him to the most exciting football game on at any given moment, the “Game Mix” channel that let’s him watch eight games at the same time, the MountainWest Sports Network that finally lets him watch all the BYU and Utah games (yes, he’s a fan of both teams), his DVR that records all his games so that he can be an attorney, dad and husband during the waking hours, the sleep he was able to get during the offseason to build up enough stamina to stay up late every night to watch his games, oh… and let’s not forget his incredibly cool wife who still tolerates his football addiction (the season is still young). He is a happy man.

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. So much to comment on in this post. You are an incredibly “cool” wife, I will be sure not to let Joe read that paragraph ;). The stair babies are so cute, girls are so fun, they help me remember that I have always wanted to be a mom. The dance classes sound so fun! And dancing in the lights–what a fun memory for your family. Spencer is very disappointed with our Halloween decorations because we don’t have any lights.

  2. You and Carly used to get so excited when we put Christmas lights up. The holiday lights bring back fun memories.
    I read Kenny’s “Good Things” to Dad and Austin and they both agreed…all men should be so lucky!! Your house is Football Central! You are a good sport.
    AND..I think Tina Fey could not be any funnier! She is dead on!!!

  3. Love the lights! I get so excited for fall and Halloween and Christmas! Yay! So fun! LOVE Ellie’s babies asleep on the stairs! That is so cute! Oh and Pierson has learned what state is California, (he can identify it now) because that’s where Ellie lives.)

  4. I love the lights! I am the same way about the holidays. You just got to love them!
    P.S. I am totally jealous you went to “so you think you can dance” tour! I may have to get a copy of that cd

  5. You’re so fun with your lights! I loved Ellie’s sleeping babies on the stairs. So so cute! She will love looking back on that when she’s older.

    For the record, I took a Jazzercise class back in the day and I think I did wear leg warmers and used the jazz hand pose many times! So glad it’s progressed.

    You are such a cool wife Erin! And a pretty cool friend too. :)

  6. So Erin,
    I don’t normally read your blog to Dave, but I had to share this post with him…. in particular the blurb about Kenny. Dave was cracking up! We could just picture Kenny getting all giddy and kid like in talking about all of his sports channels. Funny!! My favorite was the holiday lights. I am so with you on that one!! The holidays is just one more excuse to have a party and something to celebrate and get excited over. (it reminds me of our planners in high school, remember how we would schedule out all of our parties and dates…just to have something to look forward to!)
    But Erin, I’m a little worried about the name Jazzercize! Seriously, that sounds like something off of the Disney Channel when I was a kid. They really need to work on the name…it sounds very uncool. Ha!
    Lovin’ your life as always

  7. So cute Erin! I love the new layout to your blog! You always do the cutest things!!! I am so jealous that you got to go to “So you think you can dance” I loved that show this year! Looks like you guys are having a blast! (I have been out of the blogging world for a bit so it was fun to catch up!)

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