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If… I loved my thighs in skinny jeans

If… I didn’t spend the majority of my days at the park

If… I had an extra 300 dollars to spend on whatever frivolity I chose

If… I lived in a place that was actually cold enough in the winter to justify warm foot wear

…then I would have to have these

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “IF

  1. IF you loved your sister enough, who doesn’t spend her days at the park, has fairly trim legs and lives in the frozen tundra then you should buy them for her and live vicariously! Don’t worry, I’ll send you a pair of beach thongs in return :) Cute post!

  2. Erin, you are one of the only ones I’ve seen in skinny jeans that looks good in them. I’m just not a fan of them but you can pull it off, I promise, you know how blunt and honest I am.

  3. You seriously have a wonderful mind full of creativity. I always tell my friends to check out your blog, it is by far in the top favorites. You also always help put thing in to a good perspective… there is plenty to be grateful for. Thanks!!

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