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Ellie and Addison

Good Things

My girls and the color green – two very good things.

Move over Addison! So when I had baby #2 I lost my scrapbook room. That was a sad thing for me, but at the time it didn’t matter too much because I was so busy and overwhelmed with baby #2 that I didn’t have time to scrapbook anyway. Now that my baby isn’t as much of a baby anymore (Ellie will tell you – she’s a toddler) I’m finding I actually have a free minute or two every once in awhile to (gasp) do something for me!??!! I decided to do some rearranging in Addie’s room and make it into a nursery/scrapbook space. Turned out better than I thought and I’m hoping it will inspire me to start scrapbooking the countless number of pictures I’ve been taking.

What was life like before i-pods? They really are such a good thing. They can make anything fun…cleaning, exercising… also a great way to tune out fighting children.

Ellie has been really into favorites lately and we’ve had this conversation countless times this week:
Ellie – “mom…guess what!?? My favorite color is pink, my favorite animal is a unicorn, my favorite food is cupcakes, my favorite friend is Amy, my favorite dress is my blue one, my favorite place to be is a swimming pool with a slide, my favorite princess is Pocahontas……..
What’s your favorite color mom?” (FYI – that would be green)
She’s a girl who knows what she wants.

My husband is having a great time right now (despite the Chargers loss this afternoon!). In fact, I’d say he is having the weekend of his dreams. It consists of football, football, and of course – more football. Kenny met my brother, dad, and brother-in-law in Denver Sat. morning for a guy weekend. They go each year to see the Chargers (Kenny’s team) play the Broncos (Austin’s team). The game was so intense! They are having a blast and I’m happy that Kenny is getting some much deserved down time. (Don’t get too cocky Austin…Chargers are gonna come back strong!)

So while Kenny was having a great time at the Charger game, I was busy with my triple action Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Moved all of my scrapbook supplies into Addie’s room….forgot to move my Color box ink pads high enough that the girls couldn’t reach them. Yes – I walked into quite a sight last night. I was downstairs unloading the dishes and I had the monitor on so I could hear the girls playing upstairs. I was just thinking wow – they’re playing together so nicely…haven’t heard anything for awhile. Then I heard Ellie say “Oh Add – I love that color on you – purple is so pretty.” Huh? I walked upstairs and into Addie’s room to find everything COVERED in ink. Their bodies, clothes, and worst of all – my carpet. It was a rainbow…pink, purple, green, yellow. I was livid. I chewed the girls out and threw them in the tub (both crying) and then went to work with my Resolve. I thought we would for sure be replacing that carpet, but amazingly enough, after about 30 minutes of scrubbing the carpet looked great. I can’t count how many bottles of this stuff I’ve gone through since I’ve had kids. I love it – I should do their commercials.
***funny side note – when I was scolding Ellie and horrified that my carpet was forever going to be a rainbow of colors she said “sorry mom” and I answered with “sorry isn’t good enough! You know better!” Then when I was scrubbing the floor and they were in the tub I heard Addie say “sorry Lolly” and Ellie answered with an angry “sorry isn’t good enough Add!” Despite the situation I had to laugh.
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. One of my “Good Things” is checking out your blog first thing in the morning…I read the paper, watch the Today Show and then check out your blog before I start to get ready for the day. But lately, I read your blog BEFORE I even bring the paper in the house! Your blog is darling…even if I am your mom, I can till say that, because it’s true.
    I am so happy that you have your scraproom back…and happy the boys got to be at a game that went down as one of the best games in NFL history! Go Broncos!!!!

  2. You are doing soooo good at writing your Good Things! Keep it up! Your girls are darling! I love hearing about the crazy life experiences, so I know I’m not alone!!!

  3. I’m so glad you decided to get your scrapbook space back! Good for you! Glad your carpet came clean. The things kids do….that is pretty funny though. I would have been ticked too, then laughed about it later. Cute pic of the girls!

  4. I can just picture the carpet. You’ll look back on that as just one of those times…the carpet can be cleaned and or replaced, but the funny things kids do will never be forgotten. I’m glad you’re blogging so you won’t forget these times. I’m telling you, they’re priceless. I’m like your Mom, I check out your blog every day. I love it! And, love you guys!

  5. Hey Erin! So many fun post lately! OK, so I am in the middle of getting rid of all carpet in my house because of all the little people! Ha! very fun to read Erin!

  6. Oh the joy of having kids! I just hate it when my sweet girls say sorry without being asked when I’m so angry. It tugs at my heart when they do but I’m too angry to calm down and accept the apology. I’m glad I’m not the only one to do that.

  7. OK Erin,
    I am laughing out loud right now! You my OCD, Perfectionist, friend (who I feel so at home with!)…I can only imagine how that went over with the girls! I’m just glad it was your girls and not mine. Mine would of course never do a thing like that! Ha!!
    That is such a sad and funny story all at the same time. It sure made me laugh though. You should sell commercials for that carpet cleaner, you’ve been telling me about it for years now.
    Love ya Erin!!

  8. What a cute story! I’m glad you are keeping track of all that funny stuff, because I didn’t and I regret it!!
    I love the pictures of the temple. The SanDiego temple is one of my very favorites! I love how you come around the bend in the freeway and there it stands…all stately and beautiful!! I bet the boys had a blast at the game, but I will have to say, the Chargers got ripped off!!!

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