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SeaWorld Summer Nights…adults only!

My friend Angie is the master planner. She came up with a fabulous date night – SeaWorld Summer Nights…without the kids! For a couple of months in the summer SeaWorld is open really late and we took full advantage! It felt so good to be there without strollers and sippy cups. Our first stop was the Atlantis Roller Coaster…not an option with little ones!

We took this picture above while we were waiting in line for the roller coaster. Most of the rides at SeaWorld involve water and we came prepared! Eliot was the only guy who put on his poncho. Kenny and Curtis were giving him a hard time about being a wimp until we got close enough to the ride that they could see what was in store for us! Finally Kenny, ignoring Curtis’s sneers about losing his manhood, also threw on his poncho. Of course it’s a Charger poncho.

He was glad he did! This was us after the ride…totally dry! We couldn’t say the same for Curtis!

This is us getting ready to watch the “Shamu Rocks” show. It was incredible! Of course dinner took longer than we thought and by the time we got to the stadium for the show the only section with open seats was the “soak zone.” Again…grateful for the ponchos! After the show we decided to go on one more ride – Shipwreck Rapids. This ride was so much fun and it SOAKED US! Our ponchos couldn’t save us this time…you’re riding down rapids in a spinning raft and go right under a water fall. We were all laughing so hard by the time it ended that we decided to ride it again…and again and again. There was no line because what idiots are going on soaking wet rides at 11:00 pm!!?? Uh – that would be us. Each time we got better at steering the raft so that Curtis got the brunt of every rapid. Poor guy. We were laughing with you Curtis…not at you!!!

Finally leaving the park…cold and wet and happy. Well…most of us were happy! We bought some cotton candy on the way out for the drive home and called it a night. This was so much fun – thanks again Ang! Definitely one to add to our summer traditions!

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “SeaWorld Summer Nights…adults only!

  1. What a fun date night! I love that even in the midst of waterfalls and roller coasters, your hair managed to stay perfectly coiffed and curled. No fair. We finally manged to squeeze in a date night to the new Batman movie but had to sit on the front row because it sold out so fast. My neck still hurts! Love you! ps. I win Shari!

  2. UUugghhhhh!!!! I can’t believe you beat me again! Jeez I can’t even leave my house!!!

    And yes, I did notice the ever perfect hair, Erin and of course Kenny’s poncho was Charger related.

    That looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh my gosh! That sounds like sooooo much fun!!!! What a novel idea. Who would think of going to Sea World WITHOUT kids???? I can just picture you all laughing your heads off on those rides. That looks like such a blast!

  4. How fun!! Got to love nights out without the kids. Looks like you are having a fun summer.Fun to have your mom come, aren’t moms the best, I loved your to do list when your mom was there, the grocery store was cracking me up!! And one last thing, we did the same 24 marathon last year… just ONE more!! We couldn’t stop!!

  5. How fun Erin! You guys do the funnest things!!! I love how much you do when your mom comes into town! Thats So FUN!…Hey I have a question for you…Where should I buy tickets to Disneyland? We are coming down in a few weeks with the Westbrook’s and are going to take a day and go to Disneyland :) Let me know. Thanks Mickell

  6. I’m glad I am not the only one who has noticed how perfect your hair always looks Erin! Do tell what your secret is. I spend quite some time doing my hair and by the time I walk down stairs it looks a mess! Looks like a really fun evening!

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