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I’m on vacation. No – I haven’t traveled anywhere. I’m hanging at home with my girls just like always. The difference? The reason that I’m totally relaxed and feeling foot loose and fancy free? Simple. My mom’s in town.

To do list for the week while she’s here:

1) See Phantom of the Opera with Kenny {Check!} Loved it.
2) See the new Batman movie with Kenny {Check!} Loved it also.
3) Pedicure (my mom and I take turns watching the girls)
4) Hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale {Check!}
5) Take the girls to the beach and/or Seaworld
6) Dinner with mom and friends
7) Go grocery shopping at least twice without kids {Check!} I just went for my first trip ALONE to the grocery store tonight. Pure heaven. First – I turned off Little Mermaid in the car and listened to MY music on the way there – Alanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill. (Funny how certain songs bring back so many memories. I can almost smell summertime in St. George when I listen to that CD). While at the grocery store, I took my time sauntering up and down the aisles, smiling at everyone and loving that I wasn’t frantically chasing my two year old or trying to stuff her with fishy crackers long enough to throw my groceries into the cart. I even stopped in the magazine aisle and flipped through a few. Check out was a breeze! Total bliss.
8) Late night talks and blog stalking with mom {Check!}
9) Take mom to our usual hangouts: Ellie’s preschool, dance and swim lessons and plenty of parks!
10) Order PF Changs take out on Kenny (love those lettuce wraps!) {Check!}
11) Relax and enjoy my mom…she is so fun to have around and such a HUGE help to me. Love you mom! Sure you don’t want to move in???

p.s. Mom…while you’re here and when you have a minute after doing my laundry, would you mind potty training Addison and teaching Ellie to read? Thanks. I owe ya one.

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Total VACATION!

  1. OK Erin….Do you have something to tell us???? Why else would you leave “that Comment” on my blog!!!! Sorry I am just getting back with you, my computer has been down, as we were shopping around for the best high speed in my new neighborhood. We finally got it though!! Yeah! So, I am officially back in the blogging world!! To answer the question…Three has been a piece of cake for me!! I promise! It hasn’t been any harder than two! Two was a life changing thing for me, and three seems like things just kind of picked up where they left (prior to walking into the hospital doors) and kept on going! My little Sadie has been a DOLL though! That has a lot to do with it! I think she just knew she had to be for my own sanity!! It really isn’t hard. It is so nice to have Cam there to help with everything. He is definitely my ‘go to’ boy! Well…Hope to hear the “good news” soon!!! Ha!

  2. I was also wondering if you had SOME REASON why you would care about how hard three has been! :) I am also sorry it has taken me forever to get back to you. So I’ll be honest…three kids has been a little hard. I have moments where I am just loving my kids and loving how they love eachother, and then I have those moments that I just don’t feel like myself and I am freakin out at everything my boys are doing. I am constantly trying to tell myself that Kyle is only 3 and it’s O.K. if he doesn’t want to do everything I ask him to. He’s still trying to figure out how he fits in with this new baby around. Bottom line, I can’t imagine life without Alison! I’m excited for Chad and Kyle to be her big brothers. They love her so much and I know they will be wonderful big brothers. I think the adjustment just depends on how old your other two are. Oh yeah, I’m so excited for your Mom to be there! Tell her hi for me!

  3. Sis – I am jealous you get mom for an entire week! No fair! When she’s done teaching your kids how to read and use the potty she needs to come to SLC and do the same for Claire! About all these comments on having 3 kids… I know you are still planning to wait another year or two but anytime you want those maternity clothes back just say the word and UPS will have them on your porch in no time! Elastic waistbands are all the rage in Del Mar, right?

  4. Erin, you have the cutest mom!!! When I called you today, she was painting Ellie’s toes while you were out getting yours painted!! What a fun week for you!

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