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The apple doesn’t fall too far…

I absolutely LOVE to organize! I like things neat and tidy, I like order, I like to have a place for everything and I like everything to be in its place. I love little containers and dividers and any type of gadget that has to do with organization. My favorite store is The Container Store and I get giddy just pulling into the parking lot of this hallowed place. It’s great therapy for me to pull apart a closet or drawer and organize everything inside. On days when I feel low or am feeling too much chaos from life with my little ones, all I have to do is start organizing something and suddenly I’m whole again! It’s my therapy and it always takes me to a happy place.

My latest project…

I got this tip off of a website: color coordinate your clothes to make your closet look more organized. Maybe so…but all its done for me is point out that I have way too many green and blue shirts and NOTHING fun and patterned…
(something my sister has been pointing out for years!)

Kenny is usually pretty good about my obsession with organizing and he smiles and nods and pretends to be interested when he gets home from work and I proudly show him the cleaned out pantry or the organized filing cabinet. But…when he came home and as part of my newly organized garage I had organized all of the nails, screws and anchor hooks – labeled – in alphabetical order – he decided that I’d gone off the deep end! Maybe so, but in my garage there’s no rummaging when it’s time to hang a picture!

So last night when I went to tuck Ellie in I found this…

Her little “friends” all lined up in a neat and tidy row. Made me so proud!

(p.s. I found the coolest blog! If you’re an organizer like me you’ll love this! She’s been doing “31 Days To Clean” and each day does a post on something to clean out and get in order in your house/life. She has some great tips!)

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “The apple doesn’t fall too far…

  1. I had to leave a commet, you simply amaze me!!! You have inspired me to at least put my clothes on their hanger!! :) Looks great. I love checking in on you guys. Your blog is so entertaining. Stalk ya later.

  2. Erin, I’m speechless for two reasons. First, because I can’t even imagine organizing something and having it stay organized for even a small amount of time. Second, because I can’t even imagine having the time in my day to organize stuff. I too like things neat and tidy but I think I’ve just given up on the concept more and more with each kid that has come along! Someday….., someday…..

    Or even better, maybe someday I’ll have the money to just pay you to come here and do it for me!

  3. Wow, Erin. I am so impressed. I thought I was pretty organized but you go way above and beyond. With 4 kids now, I am just happy if the kitchen floor stays vacuumed :)

  4. Ok Erin, Erin, Erin, you have gone off the deep in that happy place of yours. Can you please come to my house when you’re back in town. I promise you’ll be in your happy place for days organizing my stuff.

  5. Oh Erin…you know this is why you and I get along so well! :o) Just looking at your pictures made me smile. And I can 100% relate to your showing Kenny your work. I do THE SAME THING! I could have written this post myself. I feel soooo happy when I organize a closet or drawer. Do you think we have OCD???? ha ha. I love this post!

  6. Wow, I wish my closets were clean enough to take a picture of. I need some serious organizing help! I used to be so good at organizing…I even organized my Halloween candy. Well, marriage and kids has done me in. I wish we had a Container Store. That might inspire me! If you need more therapy, please feel free to come help me anytime :-)!!

  7. OH my gosh! I’m so excited for Auz and Dayna. I think she is so dang cute, and they definitely make a cute couple. I love that you are so organized. I need to work on that. I do color coordinate my closet though. ha I can’t handle it when it’s not in colors, it’s like I can’t pick out anything to wear. I tried to organize Devan’s, but that lasted about 2 days. ha oh well. Your kids are darling, looks like you’re having fun!

  8. Erin, I love it! I have hung my clothes by color for years, and yes although it points out that there are no patterns (or whatever else) It makes getting dressed a lot faster, you will no longer go rumaging through everything, because either it is there or in the dirty clothes!!! Some makes think it makes life more crazy, but it is so helpful, especially if you do your childrens closets like that as well!
    Oh I am so proud, someone after my own heart!
    I can’t wait to check out the organizer girls blog…

  9. Great insights Erin! I already knew you were this organized, and I’m just glad we’re friends, so maybe it’ll rub off on me. Shari’s, only wearing black comment cracked me up. I think I use the same solution.

  10. OH Erin..
    These pictures make my heart just sweell with pride. I am so glad to know that there is another OCD, Type A personality in the world who is just like me, in fact, you’re worse- which makes me feel only better!! I’m so glad I know you, you make me feel so normal!!

  11. I LOVE it! And I thought I liked to be organized! You make me look bad. I totally know what you mean though, we finally got moved in 2 weeks ago so I have SO much organizing to do it’s overwhelming, I’ve reorganized my pantry 3 times already!

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