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School Kits!

I’m so excited! The school kits I ordered arrived today! Thought I’d post them in case any of you are interested in them (although I don’t know if they are already sold out or not). I ordered these through Creating Keepsakes…it was their “kit of the month” awhile back. Ellie has been bringing home a lot of stuff I want to save from pre-school and I had been wondering how to organize my kids stuff throughout their school years (aside from their scrapbooks – stuff like awards and artwork, etc.). I was contemplating different binders and boxes when I saw these school kits for sale. Becky Higgins designed them (she’s my idol!) and they are so perfect! Each kit comes with a folder and several pre-designed scrapbook pages for each year. They have included everything…journaling prompts for your child (favorite subject, my teacher, etc.), a place for their 8×10 school picture, their report card and tons of other info. your child will want to remember. Each folder and page is punched on the side so you can add it to your traditional scrapbooks, or buy a binder just for “school day” stuff. I’m so in love with these! I’m all about having an organized system! :) You can read more info. about these kits on Becky’s blog (one I stalk daily!). Click here if you’re interested! Like I said I don’t know if they are all sold out or not, but even if they are, they may bring them back because I know they have been really popular with moms. I wanted one for each of my kids so I ordered four of them (not that I think I’ll have four kids…I’ll be lucky to get to three since Kenny thinks we’re done) just in case! :)

xoxo, Erin
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5 thoughts on “School Kits!

  1. Those look really cute! How very organized you are. I’m following my mom’s example by putting a photo in an album for each school year and calling it good! I’m saving other stuff too but it won’t be nearly as organized. :o)

    I love that you purchased 4….JUST IN CASE. :o)

  2. Go Becky Higgins! She has a baby Claire too, right? She MUST have good taste then! And speaking of Claire…maybe if you and Kenny call it a draw at 3 kids, you could slip that extra kit in the mail to S.L.C. and make me look scrappy-hip and organized too! Love it.

  3. Such a great idea. I’m going to see if there are any more right now! I’m always wondering what to do with all the art and fun things they make. It is to hard to throw it away. Times it by 3 and I will be living in a house full of art projects soon!

  4. You know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Well, I’m banking on that one being true for my kids. Aghghg.. the pressure! Erin, I too love that you bought four just in case. (I did that with Christmas stocking:)

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