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Ellie and Addison

Summer’s here!

Oh I love summer! Sunshine, swimming pools, the beach, longer days, BBQ’s at the park and no more fighting with my girls each morning to get them out of dresses and into colder weather clothes. Life just got a little more fun and a whole lot easier!!!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Summer’s here!

  1. Yeah for Summer!!! It’s a little different in Salt Lake, but we’re still excited for warmer weather none the less! Wouldn’t it be great if John could go get us a yogurt right now, since it’s so nice out???

  2. Cute summer pictures Erin…love the little backyard pool. Dad and I have fun memories of you three kids in the backyard, playing all day in those kind of pools…kids always love them!
    Can’t wait for you to get here…we are counting down too! Tell Kenny that dad and Austin are excited to hang out with him…and look at T.V.s for Austin’s house!

  3. Love it! Your girls look so cute chillin in the sunshine and I totally dig your new capris! You look so tiny right now… and to think you’ve given birth…twice! Can’t wait to see you all in Boulder! Tell Addie to leave the Bubonic Plague at home this time!

  4. Seriously! I almost built a fire today! That’s San Diego for ya! One day, hot and sunny, the next cloudy and cold. Still, we love it here! :)

    My favorite picture is Ellie laying in her pool! So colorful and so relaxing! It looks like heaven Ellie. Can I join you?

  5. That’s a sweet pool! Where can I get something like that? Funny thing I just noticed, I think we have the same couch as you guys (the green one the girls are sitting on). Cool!

  6. Those are fun pictures Erin. Thanks for posting them! With all the BBQs and and park time it really is feeling like summer- despite the recent rain. Now we just have to get ourselves to the beach.

  7. Cute ERIN! I love the little pool I want to find one of those this summer, I think it would help the summer be a little more enjoyable! I love the pictures of Addison’s Birthday…SO CUTE!!! and way funny story…that cake is just darling! How fun! Oh, I love Addisons hair, I never noticed how curly it is…SO CUTE!

  8. Erin, you are looking like you should be on a reality show, titled, “Endless Summer”, or “Pools of All Sizes” or, competition for, “Best San Diego Mom”. Looks like you are having fun, and we’re looking forward to lots more summertime fun with you guys at the beach! yeah!

  9. I have been caught the summer bug as well!! Can’t wait to hang out at the beach with you and your girls and soak up some sun!

  10. I love Ellie’s latest about the fairygodmother and the pretending to be paper. That totally reminds me of something Pierson would say, they always have a good excuse for things! So funny!

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