Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Wrap-up

One last post to wrap up summer!

We didn't do everything on our list.  Didn't make it to the Zoo or Seaworld.  Didn't go camping.  Scrapbooking didn't happen.  And we definitely didn't get a puppy!  Quite a few of our normal summer activities didn't happen because of complications.  And by complications I mean Kole.  :)  His stage of life tends to make certain activities...hmmm... how should I say it... not fun.  But we did have fun this summer!  And we did check quite a few things off our list!

For instance...

Baseball game with fireworks

Movie parties

Picnics and Pretending



Time at the Park.  We spent LOTS of time at the park.

And the BEACH!

Even on a cloudy day the beach is fun.  

And now my kids are asleep, outfits are laid out, lunches are pre-packed and the camera is charged.  
First day of school is hours away.  

Good-bye summer!  Looking forward to seeing you again next year.  


Kath said...

I love that you coordinated your swim attire with Kole's. And it was very thoughtful of the boy in the background along with his boogie board...but then maybe you planned that. Would not surprise:)

Marianne said...

As you bid farewell to Summer, we can't wait for it to arrive in Australia! Hope your girls have a lovely first day back at school! We're home from school today - all three of us girls sick, so I'm blogging whilst having a lazy afternoon on the lounge with my sick princesses!

P.S Thank you for commenting on my blog! I didn't receive your email - my address is


Becky said...

Hope today goes very well for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Will we get to hear about the first day of school tomorrow morning? I bet your girls will look very cute. Hope they have a great school year and that little guy has fun with mommy! <3 :)

Stephanie said...

Looks like a super fun summer. And we never do do as much as we hope, do we :)

Darci said...

yay!! Such cute pictures of summer...and it really is gone. Hope you had fun this morning getting the gang off. Love the fashion friday Erin!

The Harrises said...

Good luck this morning! I'm sure your house is a little cleaner now, uh hem minus your little one.

Andrea said...

Love the wrote in "get a puppy" too cute! I just came across your blog not too long ago. So glad I did. I enjoy reading them :) Hope the kiddos had a great first day!

Shari said...

I can't wait to hear how the first day of school went!!!

You accomplished a lot this summer. Such a fun mom.

The Wallace Family said...

I hope the girls have a great first day back to school! Ya'll accomplished a lot of your summer goals!! Great job and Happy Fall!! I am SO ready for it:)

Ann said...

My favorite thing that you accomplished this summer is going to the beach!!! Especially that you closed down the beach with me. My favorite time of day! And my other favorite thing that you accomplished is that we took "hell-no" photos!!! LOL

Marianne said...

Hope the first day at school went well!

Thank you so much for the beautiful email...meant a lot to me! :)

Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

Oh my goodness! What a fabulous summer poster! I wish I'd seen that in May and not September 1, but I'm definitely filing that idea away for next year. Or maybe for Christmas Break? Love it!