Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recent layouts

Sharing a few recent layouts. The first two are for my little man's book...

I spend a great deal of time kissing those sweet cheeks and tiny toes each day.

"Your Room"

"and kinda mommy's too...." :)

And a layout for Miss Addison's book --

Lost of LOVE going on around here!

It's been a bit harder scrapping for a boy. I'm trying my best to keep things simple and semi masculine but I have to admit that I'm totally lost without my paper flowers and butterfly punch!

Have all you fellow scrappers checked out the new Project Life albums? So cute! And so perfect that there is a girly feminine album and also one more suitable for boys. Planning on starting a PL album for Kole at age one. I'm feeling pretty cool since I made Becky's PL collage (second in from bottom right). What you can't see is that my huge pregnant belly was holding up my box. :) Good times.

SO SO excited for this week! My parents arrived today and are spending the holiday with us. We have so many fun things planned! Dinner dates, football games, decorating, shopping, pajama lounging, Christmas movie watching, Christmas card prepping, and of course lots of eating. Kenny didn't want the bananas to go bad in the banana pie my mom brought down today, so he decided he better take one for the team and personally make sure that didn't happen by diving in a bit early. I felt the same about the lemon pie -- nothing worse than rotten lemons. Hmmm... seems we've already started on the eating portion of the week!

Happy Monday before Thanksgiving everyone!


Jill said...

your pages are great Erin. Such cute little kiddies. I have already placed my preorder for my PL and yep I order both colours, I jsut couldn't resist.

I just wanted to say I love all your organisation posts they really motivate me.

Off to check out photo at BH

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I too am excited for the lounging part of the holiday weekend!! If you are working on your holiday card you should check out my holiday card tips on my blog!
hugs, Cathy

Shari said...

Erin I'm so excited for you to have your parents here for the week! You will have so much fun.

Just remember you're not allowed to get sick and no one is allowed to get lice. :)

Missed you yesterday!

Shari said...

P.S. Tell your mom I said Hi.

Erin said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Genn said...

Hi Erin,

Cute layouts! Love that picture of Kole's little toes.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and all of those delicous pies!!

I did part one of my organization post today. There's more coming soon. Couldn't squeeze it all into just one! ;)

Nicole said...

I love your eyeshadow in the picture with your eyes closed. Very pretty!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

The Blackburn Buzz said...

Beautiful scrapbook pages!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

Kath said...

Let's hear how many of us went back to check out the eye shadow?? I did! Happy thankful day Erin!

Traci said...

Very excited about the new PL album. I'm not a scrapbooker, but PL allowed me to be. I love it and will be ordering the new one for sure!! Have a great Thanksgiving Erin :))

Keshet said...

These are so adorable, Erin!

Raluca said...

Dear Erin, please check this post of mine, when you have 1 minute free:
Many thanks for inspiring me!

Josie said...

I don't think I can look at your scrapbooking anymore Erin. Now I am just depressed. You completely put me to shame.