Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Ever attempted a photo shoot with your kids that didn't turn out quite as planned? These two were clearly NOT in the mood to sit still and smile...
Ready for my personal favorite?

Lookin' good girls. :)

at least the shoes were cooperating. Now here's the latest from my two little monkeys...

Ellie's latest: (May-August 2009-age 5)

Addison was screaming: "Ad, remember...we like flowers more than screaming."

On our way to Boulder Mountain..."mom...are those cows real?"

Me: "Ellie, what time is it?" "It's 8 E L mom!" (looked at the digital alarm clock which read 8:37)

"Ad, if you want to be a spy girl you have to wear fancy shoes"

"Mom, after we go to the gym today, can we go to China?"

"Let's pretend we're a family of deer and Addison is the owner who takes care of us."

To the lady at Costco handing out samples: "My daddy's eating everything in here!"

"Grandma...will you paint our nails?"
"if it's ok with your mom."
"our mom let's us do whatever we want."

Watching ducks in a pond - "if I was a duck I wouldn't eat that yucky green stuff."
Me: "What would you eat?"

"Ad, we're going to a different world. Let's check the schedule."

Me: "Time for bed Ellie."
"Mom, after I go to bed are you going to stay up later?"
"No, I'm going to bed too."
"C'mon mom. It's important to tell the truth."
"I am Ellie - I'm finishing this laundry and then going to bed."
"It's ok mom. Nobody's perfect."

Addison's latest: (May-August 2009-age 3)

"Addison, I'm so proud of you going to pre-school and not crying...you're such a big girl!"
"and I'm so proud of you mommy for taking care of Ellie while I was gone."

"Do you want a pancake Addison?" "No, I don't like the peelings."

"mom, you're a good mommy to take care of us and you're polite in your manners."

"mommy! you're interrupting my talk!"

"You know what would be scary mommy?"
"Falling in the potty"

"Mommy, you're the best mommy in the family."

"My dress is inside out and I can't get it outside in!"

"Mom let's just stay home."
"Addie - you're my little homebody"
"No mom...I'm not a homebody, I'm a human."


Shari said...

Ok, do you have a pen and paper hooked onto your belt clip or a prodigy memory or something? How do you remember all this?

So cute. Love those girls.

Kath said...

darling! and I really like the photo shoot where clearly the subjects are in charge. Your girls are darling...okay, you can have another one:)

Flowers said...

nice blog with a nice picture of cute and lovely and blooming girls. keep it up the good work.

Sam and Josh said...

That is so cute. I do like the last one. They will love it when they grow up.

Sarah said...

Those are just hilarious. Love the China one...they think the world is so small, don't they?
And the pics...those are my favorite kind of photos. I think they all deserve to be framed! Those kind of photos bring back more memories than the "perfect" ones don't you think?

Hopie said...

So, did you stop by China on the way home from the gym? So cute!!!

Josie said...

LOVE IT! What crack ups they are.

Oh and ever since we saw the first post of the girls in those outfits, Madi has been telling me she needs red shoes! She must have an eye for style! They are adorable.

Lindsey said...

I think everytime I try to take pictures it goes just like that! They never cooperate.

Love all there sayings-nothing better than kids and letting us know what they are thinking.

Dayna said...

Gotta love those kiddos. Can't wait to add #3 to the mix!

Kami said...

They are going to love these when they are older. I love all the outtakes! such cute girls.

Malea said...

"Ad, we're going to a different world. Let's check the schedule."
...is my favorite.

Bobbidee said...

Thank you for the great laugh--I needed it! So hilarious. Love their shoes too.

amy said...

kids really do say the funniest things! your girls are adorable & hillarious....and you are a fabulous mom for recording all of this!