Carlsbad Flower Fields

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    That is incredible!!! I love flowers, that is a beautiful place. So cute pics too, love it when family comes. It is definitely hard to say good bye! This was our first without any family and Spencer is still really sad. Love the pj’s too!

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    So gorgeous!! It looks like you had a lot of fun over the weekend with your parents. I love when we have people come visit. It’s like being on vacation at home!

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    WOW! What a fun place! Such gorgeous flowers! Such cute pics of all of you too. Love the girls on the tractor, and great family pic too!

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    Could you rub it in a little more? I mean, come on..picture perfect! You’re mom looks really good, she looks thin. You are such a lovely mix between your parents. I see Carly and I think—she is all your Mom, but you, not so much, but sort of, I can’t make a clean break decision. I need my mother-in-law to see the three of you. She can spit out just like that.
    I will have to visit these flowers in the future.

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    Wow that is so pretty!! We are coming to San Diego in May to watch the Cubs play the Padres, where is that? I want to go while we are there!

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    Erin, you guys are so cute! You are always doing such fun things! How fun to have your parents for Easter! The joys of living away from Utah!

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    I know exactly where that is. We stay in those condos every other year at the end of June. They tell us that they are beautiful flower fields and I am always thinking, “Yeah right. Nice dirt.” But it looks like it is true.

    I guess we go between flower

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