Cute Friends!

Can I just say that I have the CUTEST FRIENDS! My three San Diego buddies (Ann, Shari and Darci) and I are such good friends. The four of us have so much fun together. We are also major therapy for each other! Just got back from dinner…they took me for my birthday. We missed you Darci! Don’t know what I’d do without you guys!

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    That was so much fun Erin! I’m cracking up at the cooker guy in the background smiling for the camera! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. :)

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    Happy Birthday Erin! How fun that your mom is down there with you. I just got her comment on my blog. She will have so much fun looking and commenting on everyone’s blogs. My mom loves it. (Could it be the yellow in them!!!) Hope you had a great day! How fun that you went to Wicked! You lucky!

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    Erin-that was so much fun. You are so darling! Always something funny to say and smiling! Here’s to many more birthday dinners in years to come!

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    Hey I just had to comment about the friends…seriously what would we do without our cute Friends. I have been thinking about that one a lot lately!!! Thanks for the idea about San Diego! :) I know I can’t wait to come down there and take our kids! It’s going to be SOOO Fun!!!!

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    You’re a hoot! Your eyes look perfect and so does the rest of you! I noticed that guy in the back too…so funny that he is cheesing for the camera!!! Had a good laugh at that…

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