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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof

Cooking is for the birds!!!

Ok…so tonight was a perfect example of why I don’t cook. When I started this blog I set some goals – one of which included cooking two times a week. I was cooking a simple meal tonight – chicken with sauce and cashews, (Ann-the Tso sauce you told me about) rice and broccoli. Within ten minutes of cooking I’m a little stressed because I have three things going at once on the stove. All of the sudden Ellie starts screaming from the bathroom. I leave the stove and run to see what’s going on and by the time I get there Addison is bawling too. I think something major has happened but realize that Ellie is so upset because Addison threw her candy in the toilet (the candy I gave Ellie to bribe her to stay in the living room while I cook). The girls are both hysterical (Ellie because of the candy and Addie because all the screaming scared her) so I carry them in the living room and turn on a movie….run back to the stove to find my broccoli is way over cooked and my chicken is burning on one side. I lift the broccoli to take it to the sink to drain and on the way knock over the box of rice. Brown rice all over my once clean kitchen floor. I flip the chicken and start cleaning up the rice with Addison hanging on me because this is taking longer than I thought and she is starving. Finally throw an easy pack of Mac-n-cheese in the microwave to get her fed and occupied for a minute. Ellie sees her eating and wants mac-n-cheese too. NO! I get mad at her. She needs to eat this stupid meal because I’m going to all this trouble to make it. Now she’s sulking because I got mad at her and Addie has successfully dumped mac-n-cheese all over herself. She needs another bath but I can’t bathe her because I have to cut up and finish the chicken. I finish cooking and fix Ellie a plate. Addie is full from mac-n-cheese but insists on eating what Ellie is eating so I fix her a plate only to watch her dump rice and broccoli on herself and the floor. Ellie eats three bites and politely tells me “no thanks – I’m full because I don’t really like this mommy…can I have a banana?” I clean the girls up and get them ready for bed. Kenny comes home late again and everything is cold. I eat a few bites and decide I would have enjoyed a turkey sandwich more. Now my kitchen looks like a bomb went off and I’m exhausted. Think I’ll just stick to my reading goal.

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Cooking is for the birds!!!

  1. So funny Erin! :-) Sorry that cooking was not all that you were hoping it would be. It is days like that which make you wonder how families are able to eat every day. Reading is so much more fun-I have read TONS of books this year let me know if you need any suggestions :-)

  2. Erin this is so funny!!! I’m sorry, I’m sure it was NOT funny to you at the time. Pretty much every night is just like this episode at my house. It does get easier when your kids are older and they actually enjoy the home cooking. It’s easier when you know it’s important to them and they appreciate it.

    Maybe try again next week.

    Until then, stick with the Mac n Cheese!

    Good for you for trying!

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Sorry Sis – I can totally picture this happening! But what nonsense this antiquated concept is of cooking good, wholesome, home-cooked meals for your growing family! Pizza Hut is just a phone call away, and if you call often enough, they get to know you and whole your family by name and will throw in extra bread sticks for the little ones! Trust me on this.

  4. Erin, I LOVE it. That was such a funny story (I’m sure you didn’t think so)! But thanks for sharing. I guess cooking is just NOT for some of us. Good luck with the reading! ;)

  5. Erin–that was great. You described the whole situation so well that I felt your pain! If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t start really cooking until a year ago!!! Honestly! Kate was almost six years old! Remember, I’m married to an attorney too! :o)

  6. That is too funny. Sounds like a scene at my house!! I am so glad you found me in this blogging world. You have such a cute family. It will be fun to stay in touch. And I have to tell you, you were the best babysitter ever, we LOVED it when Erin could come and babysit us!!

  7. Pretty funny. I can’t believe how old your girls are. Time is really flying by. They are such cute girls. We wish you guys lived around here or vice versa. I still miss the K-Train.

  8. Erin, you crack me up more than anyone. You have to love our lives as Moms…constant entertainment sums it up pretty good. I love your blog. you’re a little more motivated at it than me. You guys always look so dang cute.

  9. what can i say? You are your mom’s girl! i am proud of you for at least giving it an honest try….hang in there. :)
    Maybe jennifer will make trip down with me and give us both a lesson.
    I would cook more if someone else would clean up the mess!
    love you

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