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Saturday 6

Sping Arrangements 5 (Sunny Side Up)

{Krissan Vase/ Similar Vase for less / Faux Stems / Rattan Basket / Similar Baskets / Board}

Wishing you a happy Saturday from our kitchen to yours! I hope you had a good week!


Woven Bags (Sunny Side Up)

{Woven Bag/Also sold HERE}

Sharing a few recent favorites around here and kicking things off with these fun woven bags! My girls have been using these similar crossbody bags for years and they were looking a little worn (by a little I mean a lot..ha). I was going to just order them each a new color of the same bag and then saw these with a woven look. CUTE and so fun for spring/summer!

Black Bag (Sunny Side Up)

They come with a wide and thin strap option and I love all of the gold details!

Tan Bag (Sunny Side Up)

A fun pattern inside and plenty of room for your phone and essentials. My girls think they are the perfect size so a great gift for teens too! If you want the same style bag for half the price we all love these similar crossbody bags too and they come in lots of fun colors.


Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Large Vase / Medium Vase / Stoneware Pitcher / Rattan Tray}

I recently bought this glaze stoneware pitcher (on sale still!) and love it in my kitchen. I’ve had it in a few spots holding different things. It’s such a unique pitcher shape and I love the pretty glaze look!

Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Green BranchesLarge Vase / Faux TulipsMedium Vase / Stoneware Pitcher / Rattan Tray}

It’s currently sitting on this rattan tray in-between my two vases. I love pairing different sizes/styles of vases.

Vases (Sunny Side Up)


Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Real Touch Hydrangeas}

Beautiful faux hydrangeas! I’m excited about these. I have some from Pottery Barn that cost a lot more and these look more realistic. They are so soft to touch and the stems are nice and long. I love decorating with real and faux hydrangeas this time of year! I’m going to put some on my porch and some inside and keep working on the real hydrangeas I planted in my front yard that never look great. Ha. Someday!

Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

So good right!? They come in a set of 3 so I bought 2 sets and will probably use 5-6 stems in most vases.


Cloud Sweatshirt (Sunny Side Up)

{Cloud Sweatshirt}

Zella (Sunny Side Up)

{cloud sweatshirt/similar jeans/initial necklace/sneakers}

I recently shared my favorite Zella sweatshirt I’ve loved for years! Such a staple and I had it on this week so I snapped a pic.

Zella (Sunny Side Up)

{zella jacket/similar jeans/initial necklace/sneakers}

This jacket is also so good! It’s a looser fit and runs a little on the big side. Really soft and comfortable. Lightweight and great to wear over tees or workout clothes.


Bathroom Counter (Sunny Side Up)

{Self Tanner / Makeup Organizer / Clean Skin Club / Initial Box}

I’m heading on a quick overnight girls trip to see my high school friends this weekend and snapped this pic while I was packing! A few favorites I’ve shared before. :)

Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{Makeup Organizer / Clean Skin Club / Initial Box / Travel Bottles}

I love this cute initial box for packing my jewelry when I travel. I’ve given them as gifts so many times. Sometimes with a cute necklace inside.

Brush Cleaner (Sunny Side Up)

{Brush Cleaner, Brush Scrubber}

What I really want to share is this make-up brush cleaner and scrubber! I’ve been trying to be better about cleaning my make-up brushes more often and these make it so easy. I just add a little warm water and a few drops in the scrubber and touch the button to turn it on!

Brush Cleaner (Sunny Side Up)

It spins and gets your brushes so clean in no time! The water is always so gross.. ha. I love how quick and easy it is to use because I bought a different brush cleaner a few years ago that’s more complicated and I never want to get it out to use it! Always looking for ways to save time and simplify life around here. :)

Makeup Brush (Sunny Side Up)

They will sparkle! This is a bad pic but since I’m sharing favorites this Sigma brush is the best brush I think I’ve ever used for concealer!


Planners (Sunny Side Up)


And #6 Saturday favorite is this spiral bound planner!

Planner (Sunny Side Up)

I wanted to try a different layout and I’m loving how this has a place for my weekly to-dos along with more room to break down each individual day.

Planner (Sunny Side Up)

Spiral bound is a must for me too! I couldn’t decide which color to get so I ordered two and will give one as a gift. Currently using the dutch blue because it’s fun for spring.

That wraps up this week’s Saturday 6! Off to spend some time with close friends. I hope you have something fun on your weekend agenda too. :)

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Lots of fun goodies! Thanks for sharing. But most of all, I hope you have a fantastic time with your friends! :)

  2. Hi Erin, love the segment on hydrangeas. I bough5 the white elsewhere. They are so lifelike. It is my favorite flower. I may consider getting other colors. Mine only came in white.

  3. Hi Erin,

    Can you share why you get the dark color self-tanner? It seems like you are pretty fair. I’m curious to try it but I’m even fairer than you and most self-tanners make me orange. Based on your experience, should I try dark?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Julie! Yes! I’m very fair and the dark works so well on my skin! No hint of orange at all with this one which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I would try the dark and just do one coat and see how you like it. (Definitely use the mit to rub it on!) You can make it darker by just applying another layer on top but one coat is usually perfect for my fair skin! It gets lighter with wear and showering so by the end of a week it is usually gone. If I’m going on a week long trip where I’m going to be in a swimsuit a lot I’ll put 2 coats on which is a little too dark the first day or two but then fades and is great the rest of the trip. Hope that helps. :)

  4. I love love your Sat. and Sun. posts. I look so forward to them. :) I love when you share favorites. I’d love to know any podcasts, books, or shows you are enjoying. What blogs do you enjoy reading? Have a wonderful weekend with your friends.

    1. That makes my day Kelly! Thank you! I’m so happy you like the Sat/Sun posts. :) I’ll definitely share more podcasts, books and shows in future posts! xo

  5. Do you have to hold the makeup brushes whilst they go through the cleaning cycle? Or can they be left unattended? Thanks for introducing me to this and the brush cleaner.

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