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Hats and Hooks

Closet No Hat Hooks (Sunny Side Up)


Chatting about hats and hooks today! A topic only exciting for fans of organization. Or people who just really love hats. And hooks. :) The side of my cabinet that holds shoes in my closet has always felt like a great spot for vertical organization! I’ve wanted to add some hooks for years and it’s a project that just kept getting pushed back. I finally took some time to do it today and it took less than an hour! I can’t believe I put it off for so long! Above is the BEFORE..

Closet with Hat Hooks (Sunny Side Up)


Here is the AFTER! So good right!?

Thank you! I thought so too. ;)

Closet with Hat Hook (Sunny Side Up)

Bag Hook (Sunny Side Up)

Kind of funny.. I put this project off thinking it would be a pain because I wanted the spacing to be right. Figuring out the spacing actually took no time and was so easy. I knew I wanted to hang my go-to crossbody bag on the bottom so I just picked a good spot for the bottom hook with room for my bag to hang. (I used this command hook with two hooks on it so I can hang more items in the future.)

Closet Hat Hooks (Sunny Side Up)

Next I added a single hook above the double bottom hook with enough height for my hat to hang and then I just copied that same spacing for the two hooks above it.

Hat Hook Closeup (Sunny Side Up)

I used these simple black command hooks that can easily be removed if I ever want to change this!

Closet with Hat Hooks (Sunny Side Up)

I did a quick edit of hats and only kept these 3 that I wear often, but I can easily fit multiple hats on each hook if I ever want to add more. If you have lots of hats and need a different solution that holds more I rounded up a folder HERE of so many fun hat organization solutions! One option I just ordered for Kenny’s hats (he has a lot more than I do). I’ll share that as soon as I tackle his closet cupboard. Another to-do I’ve been putting off!

Shoes (Sunny Side Up)

You can see how there is space between the side of the cupboard and the door to our bathroom. Just enough for hats and bags! :)

Closet with Hat Hooks Full (Sunny Side Up)

This felt so good to finish! I’m happy to report that I’ve been keeping this section of my closet organized too. My closet is taking me forever to finish, but I’m making sure that it’s easy to maintain as I go and that is the key to organization that sticks and makes life easier. One step closer to done! :)

Hat Rack (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny’s hats are all over the place at the moment so I need to consolidate them. Some are in our closet and some are on this hook rack I put in his office a few years ago. That was when he was working from home more so it made sense to keep the hats in his home office. Now that he is going into his work office every day again it would be easier for him if they were back in our closet. But I wanted to share this hat organization solution if it’s helpful even though I’m about to change it! Below are a few more great ideas!

Hats and Hooks (Sunny Side Up)

{Hat Organization}



Rattan Hooks (Sunny Side Up)

Vertical organization is my favorite and I’m a huge fan of using wall space to hang items! Last year I added this cute rattan rack to hang Kenny’s running/race medals. They were all piled in a drawer and I thought they should be displayed. :) This is just the side wall walking into his home office. You can see a peek of the fish tank he and Kole so lovingly take care of. Ha.

Rattan Bag Hook (Sunny Side Up)

I loved it so much I decided to add one in Addison’s bedroom too!

Rattan Bag Hook (Sunny Side Up)

{rattan wall hooks/woven crossbody bag}

It’s hanging on the wall when you enter her room. This space in rooms is a great spot for vertical organization because it’s usually just a blank wall when you enter a space.

Entryway Bench (Sunny Side Up)

{spring wreath}

A few other hooks in our home making life easier! My key hook that I made after we built our house and moved in. Finding our keys was such a daily struggle in our last home so I took care of that quickly by adding this simple 123 hook sign right when you walk in the door!

bedroom-hooks (Sunny Side Up)

I also added hooks to the girls’ closets!

organized-closet-shelves (Sunny Side Up)

So helpful!

organized-beach-bags (Sunny Side Up)

AND hooks to my small closet under the stairs where we keep our luggage.

luggage-closet (Sunny Side Up)

These hooks have 3 times as many bags on them now.. time for a beach bag edit!

closet-hooks (Sunny Side Up)

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for hat organization and ways to use hooks and vertical organization throughout your home! Anyone else a fan? Or is it just me over here geeking out over this topic?

I can live with that.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Hats and Hooks

  1. Great job getting a task done that you’ve been meaning to do for so long! It looks great. As do all your hooked spots. I remember when you added some of them! Proof that you use what you talk about and share. I have added a few Command hooks that we still use. Two for the girls’ backpacks-today they are more for their keys. Two for hoodies behind the front door(I use those now). One for a bath towel mat in the bathroom. My husband is not a fan of vertical storage(I know, a bit different), so shelves are out, but these Command hooks are a-okay. Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your week. :)

  2. Erin,
    The BEST is your luggage closet! You really built that house to FIT your needs! You should publish a guide (or make a fantastic POST dedicated just to “THINGS TO REMEMBER TO ADD WHEN BUILDING A HOUSE” When things are still on paper. A blank state. I read something kind of like that someplace a long time back, but you could do a much better job of it! I wish I could go back in time to when my 3 were young and we were getting ready for the big house! I have been with you (reading your posts but not subscribing right away) since your first vision of your big house was just coming into reality! NOW I wish I could just GUT this big place and start over! 4 houses IN now (not including the little beach place) and I have a really good list to give to my daughter, recently starting out (NO babies YET tho!)
    Erin, you have inspired me today to carve out a luggage closet (or just a “nook” in my case in an already built house.) Maybe the woven hooks too!

    1. You are too kind Sherri! And I love that you have been with me so long. :) Your luggage closet/nook sounds like perfection! And I love that idea for a future post. There are things I would do again and things I wouldn’t do again (or would do differently) as is the case with any build I’m sure! XO

  3. We only have a few baseball hats and they’re also hanging on hooks on the back of the coat closet. What I’m having a hard time organizing are my beach hats/walking hats with wider brims. Making organization to look good is important to me too so it’s a struggle for those kinds of hats.

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