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Saturday 6


Cloud Sweatshirt (Sunny Side Up)

{Cloud Sweatshirt}

Happy Saturday! Kicking off my 6 favorites with my beloved Zella cloud fleece sweatshirt! A couple of years ago I bought the white Zella cloud sweatshirt and I loved it and reached for it so much that I bought another one! In white. Two of the exact same sweatshirt because I was so worried I would ruin or stain one and I didn’t want to live without it! For the past two years during cooler months I have worn one of my twin white sweatshirts at least once a week (no stains so far.. miracle!). It’s so incredibly soft and cozy and I always reach for it when my goal is to be comfortable. I saw a few weeks ago that it was back in stock again and I instantly ordered it in black and this pretty shade of green. I almost ordered it in white again but thought 3 of the same white sweatshirt might be a bit much. Ha. The new version is just as soft and comfortable! But it does fit slightly different. It runs a little bigger (you can tell in the picture above) and is a tad longer in the back vs. the front. My original has more of an overall cropped look. LOVE THEM ALL. Just so soft and cozy and perfect for cold days! (*Sidenote – I also ordered and tried the matching cloud wide leg sweatpants and didn’t like them. They fit strange and weren’t flattering. Just my two cents to consider if you’re debating the matching pants!) 


Snackle Box 5 (Sunny Side Up)

{Snackle Box}

Ok.. obsessed with this fun divided tray for snacks! Have you seen it!?

Snackle Box (Sunny Side Up)

It has the cutest little compartments!

Snackle Box 4 (Sunny Side Up)

Along with a lid that snaps on top.

Snackle Box 3 (Sunny Side Up)

Snackle Box 2 (Sunny Side Up)

{Snackle Box}

The handles pop up making it so easy to take on the go! Perfect for kids, road trips, amusement parks or a day at the beach. I have a girls trip coming up and can’t wait to use it to share some favorite treats. :)


Cabinet Glasses (Sunny Side Up)

{Cane Pitcher / Cane Drinking GlassesCane Glassware / Cane Bowls / Bowls / Pasta Bowls /Minka Pot}


Did a little shelf styling for fun this week. It feels like my whole house is neutrals with pops of green! It’s speaking to me this spring. :)

Cabinet Glasses (Sunny Side Up)

{Painting / Glass Jars / Wood Bowl / Board}




Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)

So my husband is a sock hoarder. Not intentionally, but he is and his sock drawers were bursting at the seams and socks were spilling into every other drawer on his side of our island. I have wanted to do something about this issue for so long and finally pulled him in the closet, dumped out his socks from ALL of the drawers and we got to work going through them. This little pile wasn’t even a fraction of them! He had no idea he had so many socks. We put a lot of socks in a bag to donate and while I had him trapped in the closet (ha) I quickly went through a few more drawers with him and found some shirts/shorts he wasn’t wearing anymore that we could also donate.

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)

His drawers look so good now! Plus I can easily open and close them again! Casual and workout socks in the top drawer..

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)

and his dress socks are in the drawer below.

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)


I’m not a sock hoarder like my husband, but my sock drawers had also seen better days so I quickly went through mine too!

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)


Such a simple 20 minute project that is bringing me joy every time I do laundry! Which is most days of the week. :)

Love these Ugg socks for boots and these are my favorite no show socks!

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)

My work socks are also in the second drawer. Ha. Fuzzy socks and holiday socks since I work from home. I just noticed that I have a pair of my Ugg boot socks in the wrong drawer.. going to have to fix that asap. ;)

Sock Drawer (Sunny Side Up)

 {Drawer Dividers}

I used to keep my holiday socks in this drawer with my holiday pjs but I bought more holiday pjs this year so socks had to go.

And now we’ve revealed what I like to hoard. Admitting it is the first step.

Drawer Organizers (Sunny Side Up)

 {Drawer Dividers}

Workout socks go in this drawer with workout clothes. (This drawer has been organized for a while now!) I also have socks in my mudroom locker that are easy to grab if I’m rushing out the door. I’m all about sock convenience! Feels good to have that little project done and Kenny has promised to not order one more pair of socks for a long time. I promise to not buy one more pair of holiday pjs either! At least until October and then all bets are off.



Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{acrylic floral vase}

Sharing some last minute Easter table ideas if you need inspo for Sunday! Last year I used my beloved acrylic vase. It’s so beautiful with tulips!

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

 {similar lyla dinner plates/jute chargers/similar linen pink napkins/gold napkin rings/pink glasses/similar gold flatware – on sale!}

These cute eyelet plates sold out but Anthro has similar lyla plates I’m loving! This set up would be beautiful for Mother’s Day too.

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{wool jute rug/sideboard table/sunken treasure art/stetson table lamps}

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{white serving platter}

I’ve also shared these cute Easter platters before but just love making them every year on Easter!

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

This carrot is so easy and always a win! Counteracts some of the Easter candy. ;)

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{similar round serving board HERE & HERE}

And my favorite.. we can’t forget this cute bunny platter!

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Wishing you the happiest Easter with the people you love!


We will be celebrating both Easter and a birthday this weekend since someone is turning 14 today! My sweet Kole. 14! I can’t believe it. This pic of us was taken a couple of years ago.

Easter Table Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

When I shared this family picture for Christmas so many of you commented on how grown up he is looking! He really is. He starts high school in the fall. (Cue the tears!) Clearly he needs to stop growing and clearly I need a more recent pic of the two of us. We are still thick as thieves and I’m so grateful! He teases me a lot more these days.. some things I do are definitely “not cool.” Ha. But we still sing and rap together in the car every morning on the way to school and when I drop him off he does a quick look around (to make sure nobody is watching) and then blows me a little kiss and waves like he has done every morning since preschool. He is the comedian of our family and keeps us all laughing. I came across this blog post the other day. One of my many “Dear Kole” posts from the good old blogging days. ;) Some of you were with me when he was this small so I thought it would be fun to share! So many memories came flooding back. He was a wild two year old! Ha. That post also linked to a post Kenny wrote about a medical scare I had soon after Kole was born which reminded me all over again of how grateful I am to be here with my family. Life is so precious and I don’t want to take a minute of it for granted.

So much to be thankful for this Easter weekend. Happy birthday Kole! You complete our family and I can’t imagine a world without you in it.

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. Until you posted the link to the earlier health emergency, I didn’t realize you have been blogging for so long. The only way I can see to look at the earlier posts is to go to each post individually, log out, open up the lists of posts, read one, log out, etc. Any suggestions on how to go to the earlier posts and read them several at a time? I admit I am technically challenged, but at my age (late 70s) I’m learning!!! Thank you.

    1. Hi Nicola! I’ve been blogging forever.. ha. It was just a family/friends blog about our lives for so long before social media was even a thing. :) If you go to my blog main page you’ll see the 3 bars at the top left. If you click on those it will do a dropdown menu and one of the options says “archives”.. that will take you to all of my posts! Click a year then the month and you’ll see lists of them. Here is the link if it’s helpful! I’m 100% technically challenged myself so I get it. ;) Let me know if you have any issues! xo

  2. Darling table Erin! I say leave the bunnies up for Mothers day! SO darn cute! Plus, they are not holding Easter Eggs! Just adorable Spring, holiday decor.
    Yes, your boy is growing up. FAST! He is more handsome than ever! SHHHHH… NO one his mom knows is allowed to say THAT!
    Enjoy Easter, Erin. Hope you are going OUT and you just set the table for US! ;) OK, I do it too!!!!
    You can take the girl out of the decorating, but you can’t take the decorating out of the girl!
    BUT you CAN take BOTH the cooking and clean up out of her!!!!!!!
    HAPPY, HAPPY Beautiful Easter to all!

  3. PS.
    Erin, for reff. the cloud sweatshirt in small or ex small???
    BTW, the sock issue is universal. We ALL seem to collect them! Maybe b/c they are inexpensive, well, many are…..

    1. Definitely go with XS! It runs a little big.. I feel like XXS would be more true to a regular XS if they had it! It’s so soft. :)

  4. So many fun things. Not the least of which is Kole’s birthday. Happy Birthday!! I hope his day was amazing. He is looking more and more grown up. Darn it, why do they have to do that. I remember reading about your scare. He was a toddler I believe when I first started reading your blog. It’s been fun watching your sweet family grow up. You and your sock hoarding hubby should be very proud! I wish him the best for the coming year and much success in high school. Happy Easter, Erin!

    1. Ha ha.. sock hoarding husband indeed! ;) Thank you so much Jeanne. It means so much to me that you have stuck around so long! And you have sent so many thoughtful notes through the years that brighten my days. I’m so grateful for your friendship! XO

  5. Oh my goodness, Erin!! Cannot believe Kole is 14 – so handsome but also such a cutie – just like that sweet little toddler🙂 You have such a beautiful family – the parents of these sweet children have hardly aged at all – you are truly blessed!❤️

    1. Oh you are too kind Patty! So sweet of you. Thank you!! Your thoughtful words made my day. Wishing you the happiest April! xo

  6. What a sweet post! Happy belated birthday to Kole! Such a handsome and special kid! Warms my heart to hear about your bond. Sons are such a gift! Daughters too of course!!! But I only know about having boys :) God knows the perfect way to unfold our mothering journey! You’re a wonderful mama Erin…love seeing all those fun Easter snack ideas and hearing bits about your life with teens. And of course thanks for sharing the amazing organization inspo! Comfy socks and holiday pjs for the win! :)

    1. You always make my day with your sweet words Genelle! Thank you so much! I totally agree and the mom/son bond is so strong! Happy for you with 3 boys. They will always take care of their sweet mom! xo

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