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Spring Gifts

spring yard (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Thursday! Easter weekend is upon us! We have had chilly weather lately for San Diego but everything is starting to bloom and I’m feeling warm weather vibes! I picked all of the lemons off of my trees in January and got a new little crop on these potted trees. They didn’t do well for years so I’m especially happy to see so many lemons this year. It’s hard to not feel happy looking at a lemon tree. :)

spring yard (Sunny Side Up)

Confession.. I have not done well with my early to bed early to rise goal for the year lately. Ha. I’ve been staying up way too late this week blogging and watching Suits and then struggling to roll out of bed at 7:00 am just in time to rush Kole to school. I’ve definitely noticed that I don’t have as much energy. (Sigh.) My kids have spring break coming up but after that I’m hoping I can get back in a good routine. The upside of missing my morning walk is that I’ve been going in the evening with Addison and it has been so beautiful! Everything is so green right now because of all of the rain we’ve been getting and it makes me just want to be outside as much as possible.

Basket with Peonies (Sunny Side Up)

{Basket / Peonies}

In my last post I shared fun spring gift ideas for teens so I thought I’d continue the theme and share a few more spring gifts! I got these ready for a few friends and family and they turned out so cute I had to share them. :) I love this basket for gifts! Its’s like a little purse and you can put anything inside of it. I added these pretty faux peonies (they come in a set of 3 and that’s exactly what I have inside this basket). You could also add real flowers if you kept them inside of a vase inside the basket. The ribbon adds such a pretty touch! It would be cute on a table for spring decor too.

Bunny Basket (Sunny Side Up)

{Basket / Potholders / Gold Measuring Spoons / Mint Measuring Spoons  / Kitchen Cloths}

This is another cute spring gift and after Easter you could use a basket without the ears. :) Potholders, measuring spoons and some fun pastel kitchen cloths. Practical meets pretty!

Bunny Basket with Products (Sunny Side Up)

{Basket / Potholders / Gold Measuring Spoons / Mint Measuring Spoons  / Flower BowlKitchen Cloths}

Lots of spring-like pastel options for measuring spoons!

Utensils (Sunny Side Up)

{Utensils / Utensil Holder}

I also fell hard for this fluted utensil holder and these pretty pastel utensils! Clearly I’m on a kitchen accessory kick. :) But I love this for a gift for Mother’s Day too!

Easter Boards Countertop (Sunny Side Up)

{Bunny Board / Easter Egg Board / Potholders / Flower Trivets / Ribbon}

Last but not least are these fun hostess gift ideas if you are invited to another house for Easter this year! These cute flower trivets are perfect because you can set all of your serving dishes on them on the table. Potholders are also great for Easter dinner and you know I’ve never met a board I didn’t love. Especially when it’s the shape of an egg or bunny. :)

I hope this gives you a few fun gift ideas for upcoming spring events! It’s a fun time of year to spoil people we love.

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Spring Gifts

  1. What a happy little lemon tree! That is one thing I do miss about CA, the abundance of lemonsfruits. One of my brothers had planted several fruit trees in our backyard as part of a project for a class in high school. Some of our lemons got pretty huge! That sky is gorgeous, Erin. What a pretty walk. You’ll get back to your normal routine at some point. I have faith. Thanks for the fun gift ideas. If you don’t post again this week, Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

    1. Definitely a perk of living in CA.. so many fun fruit trees! Love that you planted some for a school project Jeanne. Too fun. :)

  2. Erin,
    Bunnies are not just for Easter anymore, as OJ isNOT just for breakfast anymore! ;)
    Bunnies. Spring. One and the same!
    BTW egg shaped boards are year round! Perfect for serving up some deviled eggs or for sitting mini quiches upon it! An egg is an egg by any other name ( Easter egg!) after all!
    Happy Happy Easter, my friend! Both to you and that super Beautiful Family! ❤️

  3. PS! Forgot in my usual “ long windedness”
    The Lemon trees! Pls, Erin, a tutorial!
    Start to finish from buying a little tree to where U are with your producing ( variety??)trees now!
    Going, going Gone! Bye!❤️

    1. Oh my word.. they can be tricky! It’s all about the climate and soil. They do well in our mild climate but I’ve had so many die because the soil wasn’t good and with the pots you need good drainage! Honestly it’s a miracle I’ve kept these going for a while now so I’m probably not the best one to give a tutorial.. totally winging it over here! ;)

  4. Hi Erin!
    Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter. That picture of the path with the wooden fence looks like a painting – had to enlarge it to see! Just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much MaryJo! Isn’t that a pretty shot!? Just straight out of my phone.. it was such a beautiful night on our trail. Wishing you the best Easter weekend! xo

  5. Hi Erin! I hope you had a super great Easter Sunday! He is risen! What darling baskets. Those peonies are beautiful! I am sure your kids enjoyed all their goodies too. :) I saved some of your ideas for Kole…my boys are 8, 6, and 1 and the teen gifting days will be here before I know it! Have a wonderful Wednesday! <3

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